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Glen Hansard Has Expressed His Happiness At Becoming A Father For The First Time At The Age of 52

Glen Hansard
Image credit- the sun

At the end of October, the popular composer and Frames member welcomed son Christy with his poet partner Maire Saaritsa.

It’s the most unbelievable thing that has ever happened to me, he told the Sunday World. You might assume that anyone would say that… The feeling is just that; it’s the most abstract and lovely. All of a sudden, you become aware that everything is secondary, including your life, your work, and your ideas.

It’s perfectly normal for me to no longer be the most important person in my own life after having been for a while. While he acknowledged that having children was a fantastic pleasure.

People would frequently bring their strollers, and we would watch their kids while they went shopping, according to Glen. For a split second, people can depend on you.

So, when we were playing our guitars, a mom would have left her two children in a stroller, and you were simply watching them since you are the rock. What was moving down the street has halted.

Glen Hansard

Image credit- the sun

His Career

On April 22, 2006, he collaborated with Finnish violinist Marja Tuhkanen, French cellist Bertrand Galen, and Czech singer and multi-instrumentalist Markéta Irglová to create The Swell Season, his debut album outside The Frames, on Overcoat Recordings.

Glen Hansard’s Wife

The poet Marie Saaritsa is the love of singer Glen Hansard’s life and the couple’s intended bride. Saaritsa is a Finnish-born author whose most notable work is her translation into Finnish of Michael O’Loughlin’s verse poem Runoja.

Despite being a Finn by birth, the 30-year-old author has a strong and emotional connection to Ireland. She might currently be planning her wedding to her sweetheart Marie Saaritsa while residing in Ireland.

The couple appears to have started dating recently, as there is not much information about their dating life available online. However, Marie has not disclosed much about her own life on the internet.

Glen Hansard Net Worth

An Irish musician and actor named Glen Hansard has a $5 million net worth. Glen Hansard founded the band The Frames in 1990. He was born in Ballymun, Dublin, Ireland, in 1970.


1. Who is Glen Hansard?

A. He a songwriter and member of The Frames

2. What is the name of Glen Hansard’s wife?

A. Maire Saaritsa

3. What is his height?

A. 1.83m

4. How old is Glen Hansard?

A. 52 years old

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