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Glenn Pettway, the suspect in the Bridgeport murder, was discovered dead in Tennessee after a baby was saved during a standoff.

Glenn Pettway, the suspect in the Bridgeport murder, was discovered dead in Tennessee after a baby w

Glenn Pettway, who was wanted by police for fatally shooting his girlfriend last Saturday, committed himself after a dramatic confrontation with Tennessee cops in which he pointed a pistol at a newborn, according to authorities.

The cause of Glenn Pettway’s death:

Pettway was surrounded by scores of police from the Jackson, Tenn., SWAT team, bomb squad, and investigations unit as they sought to persuade him to surrender Wednesday evening, according to Jackson Police Chief Thom Corley. He claimed Pettway consented to hand over the youngster after many hours of discussions. Pettway then ran into the home and fatally shot himself, according to Corley.

The gunshot put an end to a manhunt for Pettway, who was suspected of killing shooting his girlfriend, Marisol Dumeng, 30, at her Knoll Place house while he was on a $1 million bail for a 2018 murder.

About the case which involved Glenn Pettway:

Pettway was charged with murder in the fatal shooting of Dumeng, a mother of four children, by a Superior Court judge on Tuesday.He was out on bail at the time for a murder as well as a $75,000 bond for two instances in January in which police claimed Pettway sent Dumeng messages threatening to kill her. Following that, a judge imposed a protection order prohibiting Pettway from approaching Dumeng.

U.S. Marshals, a Tennessee fugitive task team, and Jackson police descended on a residence in Bridgeport on Wednesday, following a tip from Bridgeport police that Pettway was hiding out in the western Tennessee city. Corley said Pettway was living with a young lady and her kid.

Pettway, according to Corley, locked himself in the house. He said the young mother left, leaving her kid with Pettway at the residence.

Corley claimed a hostage negotiation team was dispatched to the area and sought to persuade Pettway to surrender. Instead, according to Corley, Pettway went back into the house and emerged carrying the kid and the pistol so authorities could see them. After many hours, they were able to persuade Pettway to give up the kid, and the youngster was safely returned to its mother, according to Corley. They continued to attempt to persuade Pettway to quit up, he claimed.

“Decisions for the use of non-lethal, non-life-threatening force were made throughout the negotiating process. “Unfortunately, Jackson police were unable to apprehend Mr. Pettway without incident in the early morning hours of June 2nd,” Corley stated.

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