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Graham Linehan, the creator of Father Ted, breaks down in tears while claiming that trans activists have destroyed his life

Graham Linehan, the creator of Father Ted, breaks down in tears while claiming that trans activists
Graham Linehan, the creator of Father Ted, breaks down in tears while claiming that trans activists

The developer of the sitcom, ‘Father Ted’, claims that trans activists have attacked him because of his remarks about biological sex and female rights.

Father Ted’s developer burst into tears as he declared that transexual rights advocates had destroyed his marital relationship, before announcing that his show was ‘completely terminated.’ Graham Linehan, the Bafta-winning screenwriter, gave a special appearance to a late-night BBC talk program in which he stated his outspoken opinions had caused his professional and personal life to be torn down to pieces. The artist has spoken about how he has lost his job and his family as a result of the terrible fights that have engulfed his home. Due to founder Graham Linehan’s persistent disputes with transexual rights advocates, the Father Ted musical has now been canceled.

Executives at Hat Trick Production house have informed him that preparations for a broadway production adaptation of Father Ted may be ruined until he eliminates his image from the entire musical, fearing that the broadway musical may be used as a target by trans activists. Graham Linehan feels he is advocating for women’s rights, despite the fact that his enemies allege he is anti-trans. He’s already had his broadway production adaptation of Father Ted canceled in the middle of preparations. Graham  Linehan has been associated with internet arguments on social media platforms like Twitter for a couple of years now, during which he has been targeted by trans activists for his support for women’s rights and the relevance of biological sex.

While bursting into tears, Graham shared his side of the story on the talk show, “My original bet was that the Ted musical was too big to fail.  I simply thought, if they come after it, then that will be good because then people will see how crazy this is, how absurd and how censorious, how anti-female, how homophobic that this movement is. Just because a group of people has decided that anybody who speaks up against this ideology is evil, they’ve just kind of rolled over for those people. No one is standing up for me. The one thing about this that keeps me going is that I know I’m right. Sometimes something is so wrong that you have to say something and if I didn’t say something I’d go mad. Every comedian at the moment is living under a kind of state of permanent blackmail.”

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