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Grand Daddy I.U. Dies: Member Of “Juice Crew,” Died At Age Of 54

Grand Daddy I.U. Dies
Grand Daddy I.U.; image credits - People

Grand Daddy I.U., a famous rapper best known for being a member of the illustrious Juice Crew, has died at the age of 54. The music producer passed away on Tuesday, December 13 in his sleep.

Grand Daddy I.U. Cause Of Death

His cause of death has not yet been established.”Man this one sucks RIP to @granddaddy iu rest peacefully bro u will be missed,” wrote DJ Chuck Chillout on Facebook after he first announced GDIU’s passing. The information was later confirmed to media outlets by numerous friends and associates of the musician.

Grand Daddy I.U.

Grand Daddy I.U.; image credits – Yahoo

In the 1980s, Cold Chillin’ Records, which released rap music, also featured Big Daddy Kane, Roxanne Shanté, Biz Markie, Kool G Rap, and other notable artists. Over the years, he also put out a bunch of solo recordings. Ayub bey, better known as GDIU, was born in 1968 in Queens, New York, and brought up in Hempstead, Long Island. His brother encouraged him to start rapping. Biz Markie received the demo tape Bey had made and was so impressed that he decided to sign the rapper to his record company, Cold Chillin’ Records, in 1989.

Grand Daddy I.U. Net Worth

At the time of his passing, Grand Daddy I.U.’s net worth was reported $1.5 million. Grand Daddy I.U. provided production and ghostwriting services for Markie as well as Roxanne Shanté, but he lost patience with Markie due to a disagreement over publishing rights for the songs on his debut album. Lead Pipe, his second album, was released in 1994. On the US Dance Singles Chart, the first single “Represent” did not do particularly well. Grand Daddy I.U. stopped rapping for nearly ten years after the 1996 release of the stand-alone single “All About Money” because the album didn’t receive much promotion. The rapper, real name Ayub Bey, chose to pursue a career in music after being influenced by his brother.

His Personal Life

He was conceived on August 23, 1968, in Queens, New York. Kay Cee is the name of his brother. Nothing more about his parents has been publicly disclosed aside from that. A less well-known MC from hip-golden hop’s age, Grand Daddy I.U., had a slick player character. He always dressed in a suit and tie, spoke with the necessary level of poise and serenity, and created beats with polished urban style. With the assistance of his brother DJ Kay Cee, who convinced him to put together such a demo tape, Grand Daddy I.U. joined the hip-hop industry. Grand Daddy I.U. was raised in the Long Island town of Hempstead despite being a Queens native.


1. What is the net worth of Grand Daddy I.U.?

Ans.$1.5 million

2. What is the age of Grand Daddy I.U.?

Ans. 54 years

3. When is Grand Daddy I.U.’s birthday?

Ans. August 23, 1968

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