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Hadi Matar the man who stabbed Salman Rushdie at the New York Event

Hadi Matar the man who stabbed Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdi was born in India and he wrote a graphic Novel abusing Prophet Muhammad’s peace and blessings upon him, he also used filthy language for Hind Gods Ram and Sita. He Abused white skin people and Londoners. He wrote a novel in 1988 which insulted the great figures of many religions.

Salman Rushdie lost an eye after the knife attack. he is currently on a ventilator so there is a small possibility that he will live. He was under the knife literally and he is currently treated at a big US hospital. He made millions with his books and he could have been nobody if he had not abused religions.  This is a common tactic to become famous in many parts of the world. The western world is obsessed with the freedom to insult and humiliate and they would give citizenships and money and whatnot to controversial figures.

The man who stabbed the controversial writer is Hadi Matar.

Let’s discuss 5 facts about him.

Hadi seems to be inspired by Iranian politics and Iranian heroes. He is also somehow interested in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC). He is neither a member of the IRGC but he will be linked because he was active on social media. Iranian Commander that was killed by the US  in 2020 Qassem Solemani was a popular topic of discussion on social media that year. so someone sent Hadi a picture of him and that would make him an extremist. 

Hadi conquered the stage on which the controversial Salman Rushdi was about to make a speech but before he could kiss the mike Hadi Matar gave him the kiss of a knife. The interviewer Henry Reese also got a taste of the elbow of Hadi Matar.

Hadi Matar the man who stabbed Salman Rushdie

Police believe Matar is “working alone”. The authorities, however, are in the “process of obtaining search warrants for various items”

There is no criminal record of Hadi Matar. This seems an act of reaction to the controversial and damaging writings of Salman Rushdi.

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