[ UPDATE ] Sungoh has quietly removed the reaction video, and his username is now “SungOh yoo.” The channel description seems untouched and a link to the page remains on his Instagram, but it’s unclear whether he will still be uploading videos like originally planned.

Sungoh, a vocalist in Choeun Entertainment’s group 24K, has unexpectedly created a YouTube channel titled SungOhTV. The 25-year-old’s first upload was a reaction video to Exo’s “Lotto” posted on Aug. 19, and it has already surpassed 28 thousand views. The channel description states that he also plans to do cover songs, the first of which is supposed to go up sometime this week.

24K recently had a comeback on Aug. 11 (“Still 24K”), but Choeun posted a notice prior to the MV release saying that Sungoh will be sitting this one out because he’s recovering from a dislocated shoulder. The covers and reaction videos read as a thoughtful way for him to still connect with and produce content for fans even though he won’t be able to appear on stage this time around.

24Us (24K fans) as well as people who are just now learning of the idol have been showing a lot of support so far. Despite his relatively tame reaction and what appeared to be a mic malfunction, the 800+ comments have been largely positive and he already has over six thousand subscribers. He’s encouraging viewers to check out his Instagram and leave song suggestions, providing his audience a means of directly interacting with him and influencing future uploads.


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