If you listen to KPop, there’s a good chance you’ve spent countless hours absorbing yourself in groups. Watching countless Vines, reality shows, and special performances are just a normal part of your schedule! And through that, you–along with many others–have learned of some legendary phrases and words spoken by idols that will go down in history in the Hallyu community.

1. “You Got No Jams”

The fateful day was July 18, 2014. While on their way to Los Angeles to film American Hustle Life, the seven members of BTS decided it would be a good time to practice their English skills. Jimin tried his best to participate, occasionally tripping and stumbling over his words until Rap Monster delivered this fatal line, “Jimin, you got no jams”. Since then, the phrase has permeated through the KPop and Hallyu community, traveling from fandom to fandom. There have been t-shirts made with the famous slogan on the front, and Rap Monster himself has still referenced the joke over a year later on his AskFM account. Needless to say, this phrase will never be forgotten even though Jimin’s jams were.

2. “Shawty Imma Party Till The Sundown”

When EXO performs live there are always two responses: those who offer glowing reviews of how well EXO has done, and those who look for imperfections. Trying to sing while performing complicated choreography is not easy, so I would not count this as an imperfection. However, the result of Sehun’s strained line of “shawty imma party till the sundown” has been plastered on memes, vines, and anywhere else the opportunity presents itself. Even non EXO-Ls will make sure that this performance is never forgotten.

3. “Min Suga Rap Genius Jjang Jjang Man Bboong Bboong”

I don’t know if this has traveled outside of ARMYs and BTS yet, but I do know that this one line has invaded my whole life and the lives of other ARMYs. Suga–the same hardcore creator of AGUST D–fumbled over his words during a broadcast and created this masterpiece. Since then, not only have ARMYs been saying it, but they’ve been submitting questions to BTS with that phrase as their username. Suga’s line rose to such hilarity and popularity that it even made an appearance at BTS’ 3rd Muster in  2016. Just to show how insanely popular this rap has become among ARMY, here’s a 6-minute long loop of it.

4. “Chogiwa”

It’s not even a word anymore. It is an epidemic. Like oxygen, it is everywhere. If you have ever chanced into KPop based vines, then you will know what I mean. As most members of the KPop community know, “chogiwa” is simply the first word spoken in EXO’s song “Wolf”. I am not sure why this particular phrase became so popular; maybe it was because of Park Chanyeol’s irresistible qualities, or just the catchy beat of the song! But, when an audio clip of “chogiwa” starts popping up in EXO videos everywhere, it’s hard not to notice and even harder to not write down in Hallyu history. For the sake of not wearing out the “chogiwa”, only the original music video for EXO’s “Wolf” is included. If you’re really in the “chogiwa” mood, though, there is a 10-minute loop and 10-hour loop on YouTube.

There are certainly more amusing or odd sayings from our idols than just these four, and there will probably be many more to come. Despite the other phrases, though, these four expressions have withstood and surpassed all others to earn their spot in the KPop history books.

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