Ticket prices, concert locations, and subtitles: these represent only a handful of boundaries than international fans must go through to support their idols.

As the GOT7 TURBULENCE USA fan meet steamrolls through North America and the BTS WINGS tour approaches, many fans still sit, disappointed, on the sidelines. Whether it was the lack of money, too slow of fingers, or too great a distance, not all fans will be able to see or meet their idols this year. However, despite their disappointment, fans still continue to support their idols with all of their heart by buying albums, purchasing merchandise, and by sending fan mail.

But what happens when even that opportunity is snatched from them? There is a demon out there, one even worse than ticket prices, concert locations, and non-existent subtitles: international shipping costs.

International shipping costs can be the absolute worst. They tip toe into the total order of beloved merchandise and wreck lives; suddenly an fifteen dollar album jumps up to thirty dollars once shipping is added, a six dollar poster turns into a lifetime investment, and that t-shirt requires a dip into the college fund.

Perhaps the scarier half of international shipping comes not from ordering, but from sending. It is not uncommon for fans to send letters and gifts through the mail to their idols as a sign of appreciation and respect. Yet, for some reason only known to postal workers, the cost of shipping can become outrageously high. For example, to send a letter to Seoul, South Korea, through the United States Postal Service costs $1.15 (for the international stamp), expediting that letter to have it arrive within 14 days costs $33 (a letter, guys!), and sending a package that is one pound or less through UPS costs a whopping $140.  And so, international fans who wish to send more than a letter are left wiping out the bank yet again to show love to their idols.

Everything seems to cost money these days, no matter what you do. Props to you, international fans, that have to put up with the scandalous cost of international shipping. Thank goodness subtitles are free.

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