With the introduction of member Go Won less than 24 hours ago, anticipation continues to increase for the official debut of LOONA (stylized LOOΠΔ)! Since their initial announcement in October 2016 via Naver, BlockBerry Creative has strategically released teasers and music for each member of the girl group. BlockBerry Creative is a subsidiary of Polaris Entertainment.


The sustained interest throughout several months has proven to be a great strategy for several reasons. First, fans are able to familiarize themselves with the unique charms and charisma of each member on a monthly basis. The history of each step is recorded on LOONA’s website, too!

Second, with the introduction of sub-units LOONA 1/3 and Odd Eye Circle, the ladies were able to grow in their confidence during music show performances. Finally, by encouraging members to audition for popular elimination shows like Mix Nine and Mix & Match, wider audiences became interested in the progress of the young performers.

LOONA also keeps fans excited about uploads to their YouTube channel. Who is your favorite member?

(Twitter, LOONA official websiteYouTube)

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