Developed by Dalcom soft and SM Entertainment, SuperStar SMTOWN is SM Entertainment’s version of iconic music and dance game, Dance Dance Revolution. However this game is for mobile devices! With a similar concept, SuperStar SMTOWN lets players tap and slide to the rhythm of assorted songs that feature all the artists from SM Entertainment.

The following is an in-depth look of the game and an overall review of the game.

The app is free and available for iOS and Android (Google Play Store). However the game is not available on iOS for those who live in the United States, unless users have a South Korean iTunes account. For those who are Android users, the game is available in the United States.


When logging into the game, before getting to the main screen, there is a daily attendance that users can gain certain perks for each day of logging in. Depending on how many days the players has logged in throughout the month, the better the perks are for players. For example, on certain points of the month, there may be a special card that will be given to players on a SMTOWN member’s birthday. There are also special gifts at the beginning and end of the week that can range from the other in-game perks. Or the player may receive daily Rhythm Points (which will further be explained later on).


The main screen of the game shows current rankings of users who are playing in the same group as the user. There is a total of 20 users in the same tier. Each week there is a set of new rankings and the group that the user is in different every week. If the player can place in the Top 5, they can move up in tiers and earn diamonds (ranging from Bronze to Gold). But placing in the last 5 can bring a player down a tier lower. The main screen also shows the user’s info and current headphone, Rhythm Points and Diamond count. The image above explains each section

Headphones – Item that is spent in order to play the songs on the game
Rhythm Points – Points earned after completing each song level. Players can also use Rhythm Points in the Shop to purchase Cards for the game
Diamonds – Item that users can spend to gain special game perks.



Players move along in the game by completing each song from the artist housed under SM Entertainment. The further the player moves on in the game, the difficulty of the song increases as well.


Cards are sorted from C to R. C is the lowest grade of cards available, that give only a small amount of points when used in play. The higher the grade of the card, the higher the points are given while playing the game. Players can equip cards from their inventory to give themselves a higher score. If cards are of all the same theme, the player gets an earned bonus points during game play. Players can purchase cards using Rhythm points that are gained through the game or can spend diamonds to earn more special card packs.


In terms of actual gameplay, players have to tap, hold and swipe across the screen to the rhythm of the song chosen. The songs that are in the library that players can play to are hit songs from each SMTOWN artist. Artists include, BoA, TVXQ, SHINee, Girl’s Generation, EXO and many more.¬†When first playing the game, the player is at the easiest difficulty of play. Once unlocking all songs through the ‘easy’ mode of play, players can proceed on to ‘Normal’ and ‘Hard’ mode.

Overall, the game is very fun to play. Players can play to the rhythm of each song of their favorite SMTOWN artist and earn special items to continue on. There are other events that happen as well, where players can participate in to earn special perks of even win the chance to have a signed album or even attend an SMTOWN event. Collecting cards is an added bonus that players can look forward to in terms of completing the game.

If you have not had the chance to play, this game is a fun game for K-Pop fans and especially fans of artist that are under SM Entertainment. The app is available on iOS and in the Google Play Store for Android and free for users to download! Players will definitely have fun unlocking new songs and collecting cards as they play SuperStar SMTOWN!




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