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JRE Milestone

Let’s start off with a major milestone and congratulations to J.R.E. who has reached over 600,000 followers on YouTube last month! He also gave his appreciation to his world-wide fans by doing a Q&A video which you can check out below:

Congrats JRE on behalf of everyone from MACG! We hope you continue to grow and show love to your sexy beautiful people 🙂


Hallyu Chat

Ever wanted to have your thoughts heard and more curious what others thought about a specific topic in the Hallyu Wave? Ever needed a safe space to voice that opinion or learn about why’s, who’s and where’s.. well you found it!!

Hallyu Chat (via Twitter) is “A digital social series between fans and professionals about the Hallyu Wave the first and last Thursday of each month” the first chat took place on September 1st featuring Hallyu pros such as You Tube reactor KeNNyBoySlay, Writer and Asian Pop culture Specialist Colette Bennett and my favorite writter, blogger, vlogger and YouTube personality Hallyu Wave Specialist Multifacetedacg.

A couple more followers until they reach 100 and release the next topic. Your curious now right? Well head over to twitter and hit that follow button , join in with and all other K-pop Hallyu fans like us. See you there.



Immy’s Fav Reactions

Everyone knows the first week of September went solely to the Debut of YG Entertainment’s new girl group BLACKPINK and the long awaited MixTape from BTS Rapper Suga self-titled ‘Agust D‘. These are my favorite reactions!


Let’s start off with almighty Agust D… Just incase you didn’t know the degree of this mix tape lets have Multifacetedacg remind you:


I also love watching videos of people who can recognize real artistry regardless of the language barrier that comes with being an international fan.


2MinJinkJonKey were like most of us who watch videos with subtitles and are too busy reading and flipping out at his fast rapping and lyrics:


Popo had the most interesting reaction video where he read comments and tweets of fans after watching the MV:


Nothing was more funny than watching these reactors go into FULL fanboy mode for BLACKPINK, especially when they hear “Oppa!”




  1. Whoaaaaa I see a great future in this article/news page because there are not a lot of websites dedicated to this kind of stop. I will support it from now on hahaha but please post articles on BTS <3

  2. I love to watch random people reacting to the stuff I like, but nothing is more funny then boys fanboying over it hahhah

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