Learning Korean is not easy, and deciding to learn later in life can be more challenging. For some, learning a new language and being over 40 years old can present new challenges. Challenges could be, not being as sharp as you once were when learning, or work/life balance. Life is full of more responsibilities, work, and family. Carving out time to study could be difficult to fit into an already busy schedule.

If you are ready to learn Korean the first step you will need to decide is if you want to be self-taught using one of the numerous books available that boast to help you learn quickly. Another route is finding a native speaker to help you or finding a local class. If neither of these is available an online course could be an option. You need to consider how much time you are willing to dedicate to learning at this stage in your life.  

Korean is one of the more difficult languages to learn and unless you have a knack for learning new languages ,be prepared for the process of learning to go slowly. It can be easy to become frustrated with your progress because you may be used to picking things up quickly and now your retention is lacking. No matter how slow the process may be, do not give up. Appreciate small milestones and be proud that you have decided to learn Korean.

If you have wanted to learn Korean, do not let age or circumstances stop you. Finding classes in your area may not be easy. However, there is a resource I would suggest checking out to find a convenient way to get started. Take Lessons can help match you with a teacher to fit your learning needs and schedule and it is all done online. So what are you waiting for, it is never too late. Do not let being over 40 stop you from learning Korean!








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