A giveaway has been initiated to commemorate the addition of new hair items with the latest update of EXORUN. The game is a fairly simple side-scrolling platformer where players control cartoon versions of EXO members, and it’s available for both Android and iOS devices. After the event ends on Sept. 25, an undisclosed amount of winners will receive a signed copy of LOTTO, EXO’s third repackage album.

To participate, players must purchase one of the two new “hair costumes.” New outfits and shoes have been added as well, but it’s probably better to hold off on buying those since it doesn’t seem like they will count.


The “Fairy of coffee” hat comes with a price tag of 250 gems unless you’re above level 25, in which case it will be 100,000 gold. Gems can be purchased for real money or earned by doing various activities such as leveling up, watching ads, and collecting daily attendance rewards. If you’re planning to power-level, the ranking stage produces the most experience. Aside from a giveaway entry, the hat will also give you a 1% experience boost when equipped and is currently the only hair costume to do that.

The second option is a character-exclusive hairstyle and will vary depending on which member you’re currently playing as. It provides a 35 HP increase and will cost 10 character-specific emblems, which can be most easily obtained by catching lotto chips on the ranking stage or completing level 2 and 3 challenges for normal stages. The emblems you receive are unfortunately completely random, so going this route could potentially take much longer than just saving up for “Fairy of coffee.”


Winners will be announced in-game as well as on the official Facebook page. Good luck, runners!

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