By now, most people have probably heard of V Live, aka V App, but not everyone knows the full range of its offerings or why it’s so special. This handy application and website allows users to watch entertainers live and send messages to them in real-time, which is especially nice for international fans who may never get the chance to attend a concert or fan meeting.

The Naver-owned app is mostly known for its K-Pop and K-Hip Hop content, but there’s also a presence of actors, models, and makeup artists of varying nationalities. Celebrities and entertainment agencies run their own channels and will often schedule live streams or uploads in advance, but impromptu, more casual streams aren’t exactly uncommon. The content can be almost anything, so you’ll often find yourself hanging out with idols before or during a concert, playing games with celebs, or just tagging along on a trip to a cafe. Following a channel allows you to get notifications whenever a new live stream starts, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

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While a language barrier obviously still exists for a lot of users, subtitles in a variety of languages including English, Spanish, and Chinese are supported and sometimes even provided as a live stream is happening. Even when not available during a live, subs are practically always added to replay videos. This is an incredible boon for fans of lesser known stars because they may not normally have access to much translated content, if any. One of my favorite channels, IDOL x IDOL, is actually dedicated to helping underrated K-Pop groups reach a wider audience.

Besides leaving comments, you’re also able to tap hearts via the app. They admittedly don’t mean much in the long run (the V Special channel posts a weekly chart of the videos with the most hearts), but it’s a nice little feature you can use to send some extra love and kudos.

While some users have been upset by the recent introduction of pay-to-watch V Live+ clips, V App is still one of the best ways to connect with and keep up with your favorite celebrities. It’s definitely worth giving a try, and you can always delete it later if it’s not a good match for you.


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