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Harvey Leishman and Oliver Leishman-marc Leishman’s son

Harvey Leishman and Oliver Leishman-marc Leishman's son

The Australian golfer’s partner, Audrey has been together with him all his life. Leishman knew her before he participated in the PGA tour.

 His father was also a golfer and he competed against him. at the age of 13, he won his first major championship Warrnambool Club Championship. he pocketed the Victorian Boys Championships, the South Australian Junior Masters, and the Victorian Junior Masters.

Leishman began his professional career in 2005. in 20026 hr participated in the Von Nida tour, and he won two games. at the end of the year, he performed phenomenally and in 2007 he was among the top 100 money makers of the game.

 He has two sons Harvey and Oliver Leishman. People are curious about his married life and his work.

Harvey and Oliver are already on social media sensation:

 Harvey and Oliver are getting raised in the public eye. their parents have posted their pictures on regular basis and like so many star children they are also very famous from the beginning of their life.

Marc has been consistently posting pictures and videos of both Harvey and Oliver. It feels like both the children are being raised in front of the entire world.

 the golfer has posted many pictures and written many articles for them but he has never mentioned their birthday. he is avoiding sharing the birthday of his sons. he wants to keep it private and maybe he is scared some crazy lunatic will end up at his home on their birthday. social media has made people extremely crazy and any information about you if it is out will be an issue for you sooner or later.

Marc and his wife are very particular about the school of the children. they have refused to share the personal life of their kids on social media. crazy stalkers and kidnappers are very dangerous and since the rise of social media people are interfering way too much in the personal lives of others. people share their private life on social media but it is not a bed of roses. there is all sort of evil people out there who can take a hit on you anytime.

Marc has a huge following and he must be worried about the safety of his children. Soon there will be a march against parents keeping the personal life of children private. the toxic woke culture understands no boundaries and wants to make every child a copy of their own values. save your children from woke people.

Marc’s achievement at very young age:

 Marc Leishman will be 38 years very soon and 13 years ago at the age of 25 he won the PGA tour’s rookie of the  year award.

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