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Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 16 Years After Rape Conviction

Harvey Weinstein
Source: Reuters

The 16-year sentence handed down to disgraced Hollywood mogul and convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein all but guarantees he will spend the rest of his life behind prison.

About two months after a Los Angeles jury found Weinstein guilty on three charges of rape and sexual assault, he was sentenced on Thursday morning in downtown Los Angeles.

In 2020, Weinstein will face criminal charges for rape and sexual assault in New York, where he was previously convicted and sentenced to 23 years in prison. The court mandated Weinstein’s consecutive serving of his New York and Los Angeles sentences on Thursday.

Weinstein made a final appeal to Judge Lisa B. Lench before his sentencing. It’s my firm belief that I’m completely innocent,” Weinstein stated.

Weinstein said, “This is all about money and a personal vendetta against me.” I beg you not to give me a life sentence. I’m not worthy of this… There are several issues with this case. There is no proof that… All of this is a setup… Having exhausted all other options, I humbly implore your compassion.

Mark Werksman and Alan Jackson, who are representing Harvey Weinstein, requested the judge to sentence him to three years per count, claiming that he has “become a caricature because of the #MeToo movement” and citing the man he was “before he got charged as a sexual predator.” Weinstein is a parent and has health problems, according to his lawyer. According to Werksman, “He’s a 70-year-old man in horrible condition.” One of the highlights of his life was becoming a father to five kids. His kids only know him as “the voice on the phone.”

Werksman praised Weinstein’s contributions to the film business and said that the judge should consider them. Werksman remarked, “In a 50-year career, Mr. Weinstein accomplished a lot of good for a lot of people.” “He made hundreds of films that brought happiness to millions… There were numerous Hollywood stars who would mention him in their acceptance speeches at the Academy Awards… He donated a lot of money to many organisations and political campaigns.

After Weinstein and his attorneys spoke, the judge sentenced Weinstein to 16 years for the three charges on which the jury found him guilty. These are not easy choices, but I have made them,” Lench explained.

Harvey Weinstein Says He's Innocent at Sentencing for Rape - Variety

Source: Reuters

The testimony of Jane Doe #1, a European model, that Weinstein raped her at Mr. C Hotel during the 2013 L.A. Italia Film Festival was the basis for all three counts on which Weinstein was convicted.

Together with her kid, Joe Doe #1 went in court to give a victim impact statement. She was in tears the whole time she talked. She pleaded for the judge to sentence Weinstein to life in prison. She emphasised that no amount of time spent behind bars would be sufficient to undo the harm done. Please give him the worst penalty possible.

Ten years on, the ramifications of this rape are still raw and difficult to address, making it very hard for me to stand here and talk about it. She told the judge, “For years, I have carried this burden, this anguish, this unreasonable idea that it was my fault.” His inconsiderate, repulsive behaviour has had a profound effect on me and my life. That was horrific what he did to me.

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