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Hasan Kyoybasha: The woman was raped in broad daylight Rapist stalked the woman for nearly two hours after Police failed to attend the call.

Hasan Kyoybasha
Hasan Kyoybasha

Before raping her in the street as a man stalked a woman for two hours and a police force failed to attend a 999 call. Hasan Kyoybasha was of age 30 and approached a woman who spurned his advances before moving on to the victim. The first woman called Police to report the victim about his predatory behavior, but Police failed to attend for an hour and 45 minutes. The man continued to pester, badger, and follow her through the streets of Poole, Dorset, before pouncing and raping her. Said the Dorset Police on 5 September did not attend the incident between 4.45 am and 6 am because they were experiencing ‘higher than average calls.

What happens after the attack-

The woman went to get help from two people who were at a nearby bus stop after the attack, and the people dialed 999. For 15 years, Kyoybasha was jailed after being found guilty of rape and sexual assault. An internal review has been carried out by Dorset police which has found there was no misconduct by staff but has changed their procedures. There is a police spokesman who said the review found that at the time of the call, the Police were responding to a higher than an average number of calls for service, and officers were not immediately available to attend.

The incident log was closed by a supervisor. Subsequently, police units remained heavily committed. There is a review that recommended that a radio broadcast detailing the contents of the 999 call could have been made to alert officers in the area who may be attending other incidents.

Know more about these incidents-

Thoughts continue to remain with the victim of Kyoybasha’s abhorrent offending. There is force has changed its procedure to ensure that these matters are prioritized due to these incidents, and radio broadcasts will always be made in cases where there is a concern for a person’s safety. We will always endeavor to prioritize attendance at an incident where suspicious activity has been reported, and concerns have been raised for someone’s safety. No misconduct was identified. Those who use violence or intimidation against women and girls, such as Kyoybasha, will be relentlessly pursued and brought to justice.

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