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Heather Smedley: Who Is She? Know More About The Oldham Police Incident Victim

Heather Smedley
Image credit- ABC news

The family of a mother-of-three who passed away after being hit by a police vehicle while it was pursuing a possible stolen vehicle described her as “kind and gentle.” Heather Smedley has been recognised as the Woman. Let’s take a closer look at what occurred.

What Happened In The Oldham Police Crash?

At around 10:00 GMT, a collision in Royton, Oldham, resulted in serious injuries that required Heather Smedley, 53, to be hospitalised.

Prior to the incident on Oldham Road, Royton, officers were reportedly pursuing a possibly stolen car, according to Greater Manchester Police (GMP). A 53-year-old woman was taken to the hospital shortly after 10 a.m. this morning (December 23); however, she eventually passed away.

The Professional Standards Branch of the GMP and the Independent Office for Police Conduct were both made aware of the occurrence. A representative for GMP said: “Today at around 10 am, officers pursued a suspected stolen vehicle and engaged in a brief pursuit.

“Shortly after, a police car was involved in a traffic collision, and a 53-year-old woman was transported to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries. Sadly, she didn’t last long after having the best medical attention imaginable.

In a statement, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) claimed that Mrs. Smedley’s car had been hit by an unmarked police vehicle.

IOPC Stated,

According to what we know, the police car collided while pursuing a different, possibly stolen vehicle.

Our sympathies are currently with the woman’s family, friends, and anybody else who has been impacted by this horrible event.

Heather Smedley

Image credit- Daily news

“Our inquiry will look into the events leading up to the collision and whether or not police actions followed policies and procedures,” the statement reads.

Who Was Heather Smedley?

Mother of three, Heather Smedley, 53, was a kind and loving woman. Heather Smedley was the “glue that held the family together,” according to a memorial.

Family Of Mrs. Smedley’s

The memorial posted by Mrs. Smedley’s family was published by Greater Manchester Police on their official Facebook page. This is how the message is written:

After Heather Smedley sadly lost her life in a car accident in Royton, her family paid tribute to her. 53-year-old Heather Smedley tragically lost her life as a result of her injuries in Royton, Oldham, following a car accident.


1. Who was Heather Smedley?

A. She was a mother of three.

2. What is her Nationality?


3. How old was Heather Smedley ?

A. 53 years old

4. How Heather Smedley died?

A. She met an accident with police truck.

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