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Home Depot faces backlash after shaming employees and customers with the “privilege” pamphlet

Home Depot faces backlash after shaming employees and customers with the “privilege” pamphlet
Home Depot faces backlash after shaming employees and customers with the “privilege” pamphlet

“Unpacking Privilege” is a paper that describes what privilege is and the various sorts of privileges that someone might have.

A letter to staff at a Canadian Home Depot location regarding the advantages of “white privilege” provoked uproar, along with a criteria for people who are “white, male, Christian, cisgender, able-bodied, and heterosexual.” The placard was put inside a staff cafeteria at a Home Depot in Calgary, Alberta, and was captioned “Leading Practices — Unpacking Privilege.” It is a brochure that explains what privilege is and the different types of entitlement that people can and do have. Workers at Home Depot have been chastised for their ‘white color’ said many outraged people online.

The Canadian workers who were presumably handed the learning materials were reportedly urged to accept social benefits that favour white people beyond what would be frequently encountered by racial minorities under the same socioeconomic, cultural, and political situations. Employees at the Home Depot location were also encouraged to talk about their “white privilege,” despite the fact that “the word ‘white’ itself produces unease — especially when people are just not used to getting labeled or identified by their race,” according to the memo. Individuals were prompted to tick a box indicating their “privileges.” White, male, middle-class, Christian, cisgender, able-bodied, and heterosexual were the options.

It’s unclear whether the data package was merely informative, whether it was part of a collective education process — or if Canadian staff was required to put out and submit privilege papers to administration. The material was not formally authorized as “part of any mandatory organization-wide teaching,” according to a Home Depot spokesman in the United States. While Home Depot encourages diversification in daily life and people we encounter, the form was not produced or authorized by the company’s corporate diversification, equality, and inclusivity division, according to a spokesperson. The business said, “This was a resource in our Canadian division and not part of any necessary programming throughout all of our company.”

People online were furious and have been bashing Home Depot as a “Woke” company that profits off and abuses the very same customers. Although some Twitter users have said they will no longer support the Atlanta-based company, some have said they agreed with the concept of the worksheet. In reaction to photographs of the memo, People on Twitter had a lot to discuss, with some calling the retailer’s actions “woke.” Some people took concern with the checklist, in particular, believing it to be “encouraging” sexism and racism.

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