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How did Andrew Sanford disappear?  

The wife of Mr. Andrew Sanford asked for help from the media to locate her husband.

Pekkee Sanford went to the police on June 18th and filed a report that he has disappeared. Andrew Sanford taught at a university.

What happened to Andres Sanford.

Andrew is an Australian citizen. He worked at a university. He is suddenly to be found nowhere.his relatives and friends are extremely distressed.

The educator began his career in 1979. He served in the armed forces for three years. He had many accomplishments to his name due to his work ethic and brilliant mind.

He spent decades at Monash University. He earned his living by working as a tutor for students who were learning to major in Information technology.

He also served one of the biggest banks in Australia “ANZ”. Andrew gained many promotions during his work at a bank. He was committed to his work. He joined as a credit risk analyst and changed soon to a programmer. He soon started to handle the treasury of the bank. he had multiple responsibilities during his bank tenure.

During his work, he realized his true calling was teaching and he loved doing it. He came to the university as a researcher and spent over a decade on this job.

Where is Andrew Sanford?

Pekkee wife of Mr. Sanford has given a lot of effort to find her husband. Police are actively looking for him. They have made his pictures public. they are hoping soon the locals will identify and help them.

How did Andrew Sanford disappear?  


Andrew is a teacher who comes from Greater Melbourne Area. His LinkedIn confirms that Monash university where he graduated.

He was a member of Information technology.

Who is Andrew Sanford’s wife?

Pekkee Sanford is his wife who had beautiful children with Andrew.

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