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How did Cale Yarborough Die? Know Cale Yarborough Cause of Death and Obituary

Cale Yarborough Cause of Death and Obituary

Cale Yarborough Cause of Death and Obituary – Recently, American NASCAR Winston Cup Series driver and owner Cale Yarborough passed away on December 31, 2023. Due to which the NASCAR Hall of Fame executive and his family have been deeply shocked by his death. We discussed Cale Yarborough obituary and cause of death in detail in this article.

How old was Cale Yarborough when he died?

Cale Yarborough’s full name was William Caleb “Cale” Yarborough. Cale Yarborough was born on March 27, 1939 in Sardis, South Carolina, U.S. It happened in But recently it is being told by social media reports and his family that Cale Yarborough said goodbye to this world at the age of 84. He died on 31 December 2023. He achieved a lot of fame in his life. There are only two drivers in NASCAR history to win three consecutive championships, one of which is Cale Yarborough. They won the championship consecutively in 1976, 1977 and 1978. Cale Yarborough was a very good American NASCAR Winston Cup Series driver and owner. He was also a businessman, farmer and rancher. A special model of the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II is named after him. Cale Yarborough was also the winner of the National Motorsports Press Association Driver of the Year Award. He won this award three times in 1977, 1978, 1979.

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Cale Yarborough Cause of Death and Obituary

Recently it was reported that on December 31, 2023, Cale Yarborough, the series driver who won three consecutive NASCAR championships, has passed away. The reason for his death has not been disclosed yet. His family is in great shock after his death. Cale Yarborough is survived by his wife and three daughters. Cale Yarborough’s wife’s name is Betty Jo Thigpen, whom he married in 1961. It is being told that Cale Yarborough died at the age of 84 at McLeod Hospice House in Florence, South Carolina. After hearing the news of his death, many people posted tributes to him on social media.

NASCAR CEO Jim France said “Cale Yarborough was one of the toughest competitors NASCAR has ever seen. His combination of talent, grit and determination set Cale apart from his peers both on the track and in the record books.” And it was as comfortable behind the wheel of a tractor as it was behind the wheel of a stock car. On behalf of the France family and NASCAR, I offer my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Cal Yarborough.”

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