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How did DJ Janette Slack die? Cause of death for a DJ and producer Explained

Janette Slack Die

Janette Slack, a well-known international DJ and producer based in Hong Kong, passed away earlier today. Please continue reading to learn more about DJ Janette Slack’s death, what happened to her, and its causes.

In a largely male-dominated industry, Slack is hailed as a “real pathfinder” for women everywhere. She opened the door for other women to take the reins of the electronic music industry, particularly those from Asia.

Who was DJ Janette Slack?

A well-known DJ and music producer from Hong Kong was named Janette Slack. She paved the way for Asian and female DJs in a male-dominated and competitive industry. She was a songwriter and the owner of the Slack Trax record label.

Slack also taught young Hongkongers interested in mixing music. Beginning in the early 2000s, she performed at London’s Torture Garden. Before moving back to Hong Kong, she became a frequent performer at the renowned fetish club.

Janette was frequently spotted at posh clubs, underground events, hidden performances, and garbage parties. She won the Armada European Female DJ competition and the Denon DJousts competition in London, becoming the first female winner.

The Preset Warriors, Javone Prince, Kickflip, Fabian, and several more musical legends worked with Slack.

How did DJ Janette Slack die?

DJ Janette Slack passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on November 15, 2022. She was 42 years old when she passed away. People were ready to show respect for the deceased after hearing Janette Slack’s passing, and the news went viral.

In a heartbreaking Facebook message, her brother Trevor Slack broke the sad news of her passing.

It’s challenging to think how Hong Kong will ever be the same after losing one of its brightest stars at this time. Our hearts go out in particular to her family as we are all in disbelief over the passing of this gifted artist who inspired and enhanced our lives.

What was her Cause of Death?

Her friends will remember her most for her infectious optimism, unfailing generosity, and joyful, loving heart, according to fellow DJ and promoter Adam Wright. They also noted that she was a very competent music producer and DJ.

She paved the way for Asian and female DJs in a harsh, male-dominated industry. Janette ran the Slack Trax label and also composed and tutored young Hongkongers interested in music mixing.

Janette, a native of Hong Kong, made her debut in the early 2000s at London’s Torture Garden. She returned to Hong Kong after completing her residency at the famed fetish club to perform at several illustrious clubs, underground gatherings, and warehouse parties.

The reason of death for Janette Slack is still unknown. Medical subjects have contacted their family and close acquaintances to gain their opinions on the circumstance. So yes, there have been no responses. We will update the page as soon as there is enough information. Soon, more details regarding Janette Slack’s cause of death will be added.

Janette Slack pursues her passion for music and DJing to live the dream.

From the convenience of the dance floor, the art of DJing seems straightforward enough: a touch of a button here, a turn of a knob there.

It’s not that simple, though, as anyone who has attempted to live would attest. Like Janette Slack, many young people raised abroad and born in Hong Kong have dabbled in DJing.

However, she was able to turn her fantasy of a deck of cards into a thriving international profession, unlike most people. Since Slack departed the United States for London’s underground music scene almost ten years ago, she has won countless awards. In addition to winning the 2010 Pink Armada European Female DJ Competition and being nominated for “best breakthrough DJ” at the International Breakbeat Awards, she was dubbed a “future hero” by the trade publication Mixmag.

First Album

Soon, she will release Torture Garden Session, her debut full-length record. Slack has a solid track record as a disc jockey, but she didn’t enter the industry to garner attention or win awards.

Long before turntables grabbed her interest, she had a passion for music, and at the age 10, her obsession with dance led her to make her stage debut.

She continues, I had a fascination for music and loved choreographing dance moves to melodies from a very young age.

I successfully passed the dance exam for [Canto-pop singer] Sandy Lam Yik-show Lin’s in 1991.

Playing ten straight shows at the Coliseum, which was such an adrenaline rush, convinced me I wanted to pursue a career in music.

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