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How did Doug Hansen die? Who was Doug Hansen?

How did Doug Hansen die
How did Doug Hansen die

Lou Kasischke: Doug is an entirely affable, accommodating individual. Doug is additionally exceptionally circumspect and deferential. He’s continuously glancing around to ensure you have a spot to sit or makes no difference either way. He’s forever been a person, I think, contemplating another person.

He’s fit; he’s tall; he’s thin. We used to cherish discussing the various things we would do to remain sound. He jumps at the chance to run, thus do I. This is only something we as a whole share practically speaking in our wellness venture. He gets a kick out of the chance to discuss climbing and clarifies that he is an extremely resolved person, similar to he was there a year ago. He was stressed over getting a bug. Clearly he had frostbite in ’95, and he believes there’s an astute battery framework in his boots to keep his feet warm. I contended with him about it; I said I didn’t figure it would work. [ Laughter ] But, that is exactly what we’re referring to.

Doug is the sort of fellow who is one of the primary individuals you sit close to when individuals are lounging around the cafeteria and you stroll in. Simple to coexist with. I think Doug upholds me; he’s reassuring; he simply does anything you desire him to do. No enormous inner selves, no issue with that. He’s simply been a decent, dependable part for this test.

Dough puncher Weathers: Doug is one of those individuals you like immediately. He’s nice; Doug doesn’t have a lot of affectation. He clearly prefers being there, I mean, in addition to a smidgen. To the extent that he sees his life, he’s simply right at home, not the most amazing aspect of him being there.

He is by all accounts one of the top choices to arrive early. He was a lot more youthful than the remainder of the old group. He had encountered the mountain the earlier year; he had come quite close to the culmination. He’s back; he examines the great shape and his determination is clear. Doug is not difficult to coexist with. I’ve never heard him say anything humiliating to anybody. Obviously, he and Jon Krakauer framed some kind of mix. I think they think they share more practically speaking than most of us. In any case, you know, Doug is a person, particularly from the beginning, that you put him at the first spot on your list of potential “achievements”.

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