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How Did George Maupin Die? What Happened to George Maupin?

George Maupin
Source: tribute news

Weatherman George Maupin, who had worked for KHQ for many years, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 79. This article examines George Maupin’s tragic end and the circumstances surrounding his passing.

What Happened to George Maupin?

George, the son of Oklahomans who through the Great Depression, was born on July 31, 1943, in Los Angeles. William and Dixie, his late parents, instilled in him a respect for hard labour and a fondness for western music. While George wasn’t delivering newspapers for the Linwood Republic or bagging groceries for Ralph’s, he daydreamed about being a shortstop for the Los Angeles Dodgers. By the time he was 16, he had saved enough money to buy a Chevrolet 409 and become a member of the Etruscans, one of the most prestigious automobile clubs in all of California. A group of his mates and he floated down Hollywood Boulevard and landed in Huntington Beach.

How Did George Maupin Die?

George Maupin, a weatherman for KHQ for many years, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 79, with his wife Nancy and son Will at his side. George Maupin died of Alzheimer’s disease, as stated in the following statement. George, a native Angeleno and veteran of the Vietnam War, was born in the city. In 1993, he relocated his family from Las Vegas to Spokane.

What caused George Maupin’s demise is unknown.

After a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s disease, Maupin has passed away, according to an official notice. “With a heavy heart, I inform the death of George Maupin, the kindest person I have ever known, on today, the saddest of Valentine’s Days,” it says. Dad’s long fight with Alzheimer’s ended tonight, and we were all there to see him off. Having resolved the issue, he now feels content. Further details about the upcoming Celebration of Life will be shared soon. George Maupin, a local TV weatherman, went away at the age of 79. He finally found relief from his Alzheimer’s and other diseases and now rests amid tranquil waters.

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Source: tribute news

George Maupin, a local TV weatherman for almost 40 years, died at 79. He lost his long and painful fight with Alzheimer’s disease and other ailments and now rests amid tranquil waters. Born on July 31, 1943, George Maupin passed away on February 14, 2023, both in Spokane, Washington. In the history books, George would go down as a legendary figure. Steve’s “Spokomojo,” an endearing mix of warmth and humour, was a staple of The Morning Show on KHQ-TV in Spokane for over a decade. His massive ego radiated beyond the confines of the camera. Between him, David Cotton, Shelly Monahan, Sean Owsley, and Matt Rogers, he kept the programme lively and hip with his witty banter and wisecracks. George attracted a devoted audience of fans, or “peeps,” who tuned in more for entertainment than seriousness.

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