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How did Gerhard Rodax Die? Explaining the death’s cause and the train accident

Gerhard Rodax Die

Recently, Gerhard Rodax, age 57, passed away. He had previously represented Austria internationally. People have been sending him tributes, and condolence notes since the news of his death spread online. According to reports, Gerhard passed away on Thursday, November 17, 2022. According to reports, he was hit by a train close to Traiskirchen. Social media has been inundated with posts paying tribute to the star as mourners express their sorrow over his untimely passing. Check his whereabouts and manner of passing over here.

Who was Gerhard Rodax?

A professional football player from Austria named Gerhard Rodax. Rodax, an Austrian striker born on August 29, 1965, also played for Atletico Madrid and Admira Wacker. He spent his first seven years in the business at Admira Wacker.
Rodax was the leading scorer in the Austrian Football Bundesliga in 1990. He was able to secure a deal with Atletico Madrid thanks to this. He only played for a season before returning to Austria to play for Rapid Wien.


He made a brief comeback at Admira during the 1995–96 season.
Rodax made his international debut for Austria in 1985. He participated in the 1990 FIFA World Cup and scored in Italy’s 2-1 triumph over the United States. He scored three goals and amassed 20 victories internationally. His last international performance occurred in the match against Sweden in May 1991.
Rodax finished 246 games for Admira and Rapid in the Bundesliga, was awarded Austria’s top scorer in 1989, was a legionnaire at Atletico Madrid, and participated in 246 games overall for both teams. Before turning pro in the 1982–1983 season, Rodax had previously played for Admira in his youth. He played for the Lower Austrians for a standout 1989–1990 season.

How Did Gerhard Rodax Die?

Family and friends are given our sincere condolences. His career peaked at the Admira, where he made 192 appearances and scored 84 goals while winning the best scorer award in 1990. As a result, he moved to Spain the following summer to join Atlético Madrid. He returned to Austria and signed with Rapid in 1992 after coming in second place to the Rojiblancos. He ended his career at Admira in 1996.

On Wednesday morning, he was reportedly struck by a train on the southern railway line near Traiskirchen. Without question, it was a last-ditch effort. He’s left behind with his wife and two daughters. Two daughters are left behind by a married man Rodax. Before this awful incident, he had a medical issue. In a statement, Rapid Wien said, “Today we received some pretty unfortunate news. Sadly, at age 57, our former football player Gerhard Rodax passed away following a protracted illness.

What was his cause of death?

Before his passing, Gerhard Rodax was battling an unexpected serious illness. Because of that, he allegedly committed suicide this past Thursday by flinging himself in front of a moving train.

According to the reports, Rodax didn’t have a good mental state. He had lost all desire to live. At the age of 57, the former striker for Atletico Madrid passed away tragically. He leaves behind his wife and two daughters.

Tributes To Gerhard Rodax

Our thoughts are with his bereaved family. The Austrian Football Association (OFB) issued the following statement regarding Gerhard Rodax: “The OFB family mourns his passing.” At the age of 57, the Austrian passed away. His appreciative spirit will live on in the OFB. Regarding Gerhard Rodax, he was a striker from Austria. Between 29 August 1965 and 17 November 2022.

He was born in the Tattendorf of Rodax. He played at Admira Wacker for the first seven years of his professional career, and in 1990, he also led the Austrian Football Bundesliga in goals scored there. As a result, he agreed to a contract with Atlético Madrid in Spain. Before rejoining Rapid Wien and leaving the team after more than a season, he played there. At the age of 28, he concluded his playing career there. He made a brief comeback for Admira in the 1995–96 campaign. In 1985, Rodax made his appearance for Austria abroad. Follow Social Telecast for more recent information and the most recent and popular news worldwide.

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