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How Did Hailey Thompson Pass Away? An Explanation of the Toddler’s Death’s Cause

Hailey Thompson
Hailey Thompson, credits: Medico Topics

Shortly after the pediatrician sent the daughter home with Calpol, the baby passed away. Let’s look at Hailey Thompson’s cause of death and how she passed away.

Hailey Thompson Obituary

Little Hailey Thompson was given the viral diagnosis on December 18, but instead of giving her antibiotics, her family was instructed to continue giving her acetaminophen and fluids.

Early the next morning, her guardians Kris Thompson, 32, and Iboyla Adam, 35, found her unresponsive in their bedroom. Parents of a 22-month-old girl who died shortly after being discharged from the hospital have described their heartbreaking discovery of their daughter’s death.

Hailey Thompson Cause of Death

Little Hailey Thompson was diagnosed with a virus on December 18, but her family was encouraged to continue feeding her water and paracetamol in place of antibiotics. She was discovered unresponsive by her parents the following morning. Kris started performing CPR until a paramedic took over and the youngster was taken to Wigan Infirmary. Sadly, despite the medical staff’s best efforts, the youngster passed away there. An investigation has been started in response to her parents’ complaints that Hailey’s case was not provided enough attention. “We can’t even imagine we lost our baby,” said Kris, a resident of Wigan, Greater Manchester.

“Everything occurred so fast. Her body lost control due to an internal force. She was still sleeping in the same posture when we discovered her on Monday at 5.30 a.m., but she was rigid and had discolored skin. It was a horrifying image that will stay with me forever. We knew in our hearts that she had passed away, but I called 999 and screamed that our daughter was dying; as a result, they had me perform CPR until the high-speed paramedic arrived. However, she was unable to be revived, and the hospital declared her dead.

What Happened to Hailey Thompson?

On December 7, Hailey started having a cough and runny nose. She was seen by a doctor, who gave her antibiotics but she had to stop taking them because of an allergic response. A week later, she was sent to see another doctor, who advised the family that Calpol would be preferable to antibiotics even though she had a viral illness.

The following day, she was mobile, ate well, hydrated well, and went to sleep at her usual hour of 6.30 p.m. When Kris came to check with her at 11 p.m., he saw that she was panting, so he called 999, and he was informed that an ambulance would be there shortly.

Hailey Thompson

Hailey Thompson, credits: Medico Topics

He drove Hailey to A&E because it didn’t arrive after 20 minutes and 111 informed him that there was a two-hour wait there. There, they decided to wait for more than 5 hours before she could be evaluated. After checking Hailey’s blood pressure but being unable to examine her tonsils, the doctor advised the family to return home, where she soon passed out.

She had to be kept hydrated, given Calpol and taken back to A&E if she didn’t improve within three days. She then awoke about noon, acting “completely out of character,” coughing, and having a runny nose. Kris noticed Hailey was panting again on December 18 at 6:15 p.m., although not as violently as before.

The State of Hailey Thompson’s Parents

Wigan Infirmary saw one of its busiest days ever on Sunday, which the department afterward designated a “critical event.” Ibolya and Kris want to know why no blood tests were performed on Hailey because she was “gasping for breath like a 90-year-old” when they took her to the hospital.

When the couple attempted to examine the toddler’s tonsils, she reportedly resisted, clenched her mouth shut, and then puked. Doctors advised the parents to keep Hailey hydrated at home and to bring her back to A&E if she didn’t improve within three days. Tragically, the youngster died a day later.

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