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How did Harrison Jeffrey Dahl Die? What Happened to Harrison Jeffrey Dahl?

Harrison Jeffrey Dahl Death

Harrison Jeffrey Dahl Cause of Death and Obituary: According to recent social media reports, it is being said that 11-year-old Harrison Jeffrey, the second of the three brothers from New London involved in a UTV accident this month, died on January 16, 2024. According to reports, he died due to serious injuries.

According to police reports, it was reported that on Sunday, January 7, 2024, a fatal accident occurred between a UTV and a pickup at the intersection of 95th Street Northwest and Minnesota Highway 9 in Norway Lake Township. There were three brothers from New London in UTV. 15-year-old William John Dahl was the driver of the UTV. William John Dahl died of severe injuries on January 9, 2024, and the remaining two brothers were admitted to the hospital. His mother, Lara Dahl, later said in a post that “to see his entire family, close family friends and nurses honoring him down the aisle was something he so richly deserved.” She added that she and her husband Mike Dahl have no words for the love and support the family is receiving from their community. “We are overwhelmed by the love we are receiving from our boys and family. We can’t thank everyone enough.”

“Harrison Dahl needs more time to recover. She said he was a warrior and the family was “waiting for him and praying that he’ll show us when he’s ready to wake up.” She said Harrison His classmates had sent letters to him and they had decorated his room with them.”

Recently, after the death of 11-year-old Harrison Jeffrey on January 16, 2024, his mother Lara Dahl said through a post that “Harrison went to be with Jesus today at 2:10 pm. He struggled a lot but his little body Couldn’t handle all the stress and trauma… We love you so much Harry and we’re so proud of you. I know Jesus and Will were there to welcome you to heaven.”

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