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How did Henry Minh Hoang, a California hiker,die?

Henry Minh Hoang
Source: KTVL

Henry Minh Hoang, a hiker from California, was reported deceased by Oregon police after he fell 20 feet. Please provide additional information about what happened.

How did Henry Minh Hoang, a California hiker,die?

Oregon police say a hiker from California fell over a bluff and drowned after falling 20 feet. As reported by the Oregon State Police on March 7, Henry Minh Hoang, a West Covina, California resident, went missing while hiking at the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Reserve on Saturday, March 4. Hoang bypassed the protective barrier as he entered the “punch bowl” area. After that, officers say he stumbled off a steep cliff and plunged 20 feet into the water below. Troopers stated he was “knocked senseless” and washed away by the waves as he fell. No one could find him any longer.

Cause of Death

Authorities in Oregon say a 25-year-old hiker died after falling from a cliff and into the water. On Saturday, March 4th, Oregon State Police issued a press statement stating that Henry Minh Hoang, a West Covina, California resident, went missing while hiking in the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Reserve.

Several people in the area are taken aback by this news. A climber needs to use extreme caution. The entire community mourns with the family and friends of the deceased.

Rescuers arrived at 5 p.m., but Oregon State Parks authorities said they couldn’t continue looking until morning because it was too dark. On the following day around 4:30 p.m., his corpse was discovered near the base of a cliff on the seashore, according to the state police. Around 95 miles southwest of Portland lies the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Reserve.

California man dies after falling 20 ft. off cliff, being swept out to sea at Cape Kiwanda | KTVL

Source: KTVL

Body of the deceased was located and taken to a nearby funeral home, police reported.

Cape Kiwanda, an Oregon state park, is home to a sandstone headland with breathtaking coastal vistas not far from Tillamook. Officials from Oregon State Parks warn on their website that individuals have died after going over the safety barriers despite repeated warnings that the cliff edge might collapse at any time.

World Class News Posted

Over the weekend, a California man, age 25, was discovered dead after he fell off a steep bluff on Oregon’s coast and was carried into the ocean. Henry Minh Hoang, of West Covina, California, slid and fell around 20 feet to the water’s edge while trekking over a safety barrier at an area known as “the punch bowl” in the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Reserve, according to a news release from the Oregon State Police.

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