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How did Jorja Fleezanis die? American Violinist cause of death

Jorja Fleezanis
Jorja Fleezanis

How did Jorja Fleezanis die? American Violinist cause of death.

Jorja Fleezanis worked as a violinist for over 20 years with a master band named Minnesota Orchestra. She was with the famous music orchestra from 1989 to 2009. She lived a healthy life.  She was 70 years old at the time of her death. Jorja was passionate and committed to her music journey. She spent time listening to and learning music all her life. She was called a genius by her colleagues because of her single-minded focus on her work. 

How did Jorja Fleezanis die?

She died a normal death at her home. she shifted to Lake Leelanau, Michigan, outside of Traverse City after her retirement. Her work made her orchestra extremely pleased. Her work as a player brought energy to the team and she was loved by a lot of people. “I still respect the advice I was given when I started out as concertmaster: be very strong, be humble, understand the tremendous respect you must have for the music—it must be above all things. To build rapport, to guide others, you have to understand, appreciate and respect all others, for everyone to be at the top.” –Jorja Fleezanis  

Career of Jorja Fleezanis:

 She was born in Detroit and she became part of the Chicago symphony at the age of 21. She started young and she worked all her life. Music Director Edo de Waart 1989 called Jorja to become a part of her orchestra. He said  “Jorja Fleezanis was a force of nature,” 

“She put more into her music than anyone I ever worked with. She had a tremendous instinct for how things should be played. In my experience that is a rare talent—as was her ability to be charming and frank at the same time. She called things exactly as she saw them. Jorja was a great friend, and her passing is a tremendous loss to me and the world of classical music.”  

Husband and family of Jorja:

She was married to her husband for 26 years then they parted ways. Her students remember as a teacher who did not limit her students instead she worked hard to make them produce better music and  help them learn more

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