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How did Laura schrankler die? what happened to Speech-language pathologists?

How did Laura schrankler die

Laura was only 25 when she passed away. she chose a profession to help people. she was a kind and noble soul who took speech-language pathology as a career because she cared about people suffering from speech issues.

This death has left a hole in the heart of her family and friends. People from all walks of life have sent condolence messages and tried to support the family of the late Luara.

Did laura die of cardiac arrest?

Laura was only 25 and some sources have claimed that she died of a heart attack. this is unbelievable because how is it possible that a young fit person with no record of heart issues dies of a cardiac arrest, this has been common in the last years. young healthy people are dying of heart issues and the medical community should take a notice of it, and so should ordinary people.

The news has reached like wildfire on social media and among her family.

The family has provided for Laua’s cremation and details about her funeral will provide in the below section of the news.

Social media cries over the death of young laura:

A lot of kind people have sent tweets to Laura’s family about the devastating news.

a Facebook post has confirmed she has died of cardiac arrest and her funeral will soon be arranged.

 “She is the only person who truly loves God. She shares his affection with her family and numerous friends every day.”

Jennifer Nelson’s on Facebook:

“Although Laura will be sorely missed in this life, we may find solace in the fact that she is now at peace and pain-free in the arms of the Lord. Be kind to your darling sister till we next meet.”

Official Liam about Laura “Speech Language Pathologist Laura Schrankler MN, died suffering cardiac arrest,” on Twitter.

Early life & education of Laura:

she spent her childhood in  Cottage Groove, Minnesota, where she was born.

She studied at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Later she took admission to the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Funeral information:

the following address will be her funeral home:


Kok Funeral Home

1201 Portland Avenue

Saint Paul Park, MN

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