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How did Matthew Winder Die? Tragic death for Matthew Winder

Matthew Winder die
Source: Indpendent news

In order to add to his collection of facial tattoos, Winder spent five days in Phuket. On Tuesday, he was scheduled to return to Australia via aeroplane. The police reported Monday that 31-year-old Matthew Winder was arrested early in the morning for being drunk and impolite. Stories vary as to whether he was apprehended in front of his Patong Beach Rd. home or at a pub on Bangla Rd. On the second floor of the police station was a holding cell where Winder was being held.

Matthew Winder, an Australian tourist, has died

A hotel on Thaweewong Road in the Kathu district received a call at 5:45 a.m. about an intoxicated or high foreigner yelling and disturbing guests. Patong Police Station’s director, Colonel Sujin Nilbadi, and deputy superintendent, Lieutenant Colonel Somphon Surin, set out to investigate.

How did Matthew Winder Die? Tragic death for Matthew Winder

Source: CNN

According to the authorities, the Australian was transported to the Patong authorities Station and placed in the detention cell, where inmates are kept alone, in an effort to bring him down to earth.

The officer on duty yesterday took a lunch break around 11:30. Authorities claim that when Matthew Winder returned, he found himself dangling from the bars by a piece of fabric. According to the investigation, Winder was by himself in the cell. His shorts’ drawstring, according to the police, was what he used to commit suicide.

Police said they watched the surveillance footage and witnessed Winder, who was in the room alone, pleading for help before hanging himself. An autopsy will be performed to determine the true cause of his death, although investigators have not yet ruled out any possibilities.

Australian’s death in custody raises concerns about treatment of foreigners

The death of Matthew Winder has raised concerns about the treatment of foreigners in Thai jails. It is unclear whether or not he had access to adequate medical care while he was detained. The Australian Embassy in Bangkok has been informed of the situation, and they are providing consular assistance to Winder’s family.

The killing of Winder horrified Australians residing in Thailand. The suddenness of Winder’s death has shocked and saddened his loved ones.

Winder was a world traveller with a passion for exploring new locations. He had a reputation for being a tattoo enthusiast, and while in Phuket he added to his collection of facial ink. He was rumoured to be an adventurous soul who was fascinated by culture and travel.

Cause of Death of Matthew Winder

Matthew Winder’s family is still attempting to come to terms with his death from arrhythmia, the cause of which remains unknown. Many Australians living in Thailand have expressed their condolences over Winder’s passing by posting tributes to him online.

The incident has also raised concerns about the treatment of foreign tourists in Thailand. Concerns have been raised about the safety and quality of care in Thai prisons. The authorities have assured the public that they will investigate the incident carefully and take preventative measures.

The Australian Embassy in Bangkok has issued a warning to all Australians travelling to Thailand, urging them to respect local customs and to seek assistance if they get into trouble. They have expressed their condolences to Winder’s loved ones and are providing whatever assistance they may require at this time.

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