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How Did Mike Ruben Pass Away?, The Director Of The Ripley Convention Died At The Age Of 65

Mike Ruben
Image credit- ABC News

Mike Ruben, the director of the Ripley Convention & Visitors Bureau, died at the age of 65. Let’s look at Mike Ruben’s cause of death and how he passed away.

How Did Mike Ruben Pass Away?

On Monday morning, Mike Ruben, the director of the Ripley Convention and Visitors Bureau and a hero in his hometown, passed suddenly. Carolyn Rader, the mayor of Ripley, verified the news of his passing.

Who Was Mike Ruben?

Ruben, 65, was well-known both in and outside of his neighbourhood. For a number of years, Ruben served as the Ripley Convention and Visitors Bureau and Museum’s director.

He had a long career in the media and was known as “Rube” with affection. The baseball, basketball, and football teams at Ripley High School were all announced by Ruben. He was once the voice of the Thundering Herd.

Mike Ruben

Image credit- fox News

Ruben was an accomplished editor for the regional newspapers in Jackson County. While working in radio, he won many accolades.

Mike Ruben sadly died away on Monday. Social media was swamped with condolences as the news of Ruben’s passing surfaced.

Mike Ruben Cause Of Death

Carolyn Rader, a former mayor of Ripley, said, “Our City is terribly heartbroken this evening.” We will miss our very own Mr. Ripley. Mike once had the privilege of being both the Thundering Herd’s and the Vikings’ voices, which he liked.

Of course, the first thing you consider is what an impact Mike had on so many people, Rader said. In addition to his regular job, Ruben took part in a variety of activities for his hometown.

Ruben served on the Fourth of July celebrations committee in Ripley every year. Rader, who was struggling with the death of a close friend, stated, “He was such an eager guy to serve on the committee with.”

He devoted his entire being to Ripley’s love. According to Rader, Ruben was a crucial component of the city of Ripley. The cause of Mike Ruben’s passing, however, was not made public.


1. Who was Mike Ruben?

A. He was the director of Ripley Convention

2. What was his height?

A. 1.83 m

3. What was his Nationality?

A. American

4. How old was Mike Ruben?

A. 65 years old

5. What happened to Mike Ruben?

A. Not known

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