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How did Milutin Soskic Die? Milutin Soskic Cause Of Death, Obituary

milutin soskic

How did Milutin Soskic Die? Milutin Soskic Cause Of Death, Obituary.

Milutin Soskic took birth on 1937, decemeber 31 in Jablanica. His Father was a royal officer and his name was Jeremija. His mother was Radunka.  He had many siblings and he was number 4 in the family, He was a tall man close to 6 feet. His father was an army man and they had to leave the country after the second world war due to extreme pressure. His family hid in the Serbian Patriarchate of Pec. He was interested in football at a very young age and at age 11 he started playing football. at age 11 he spent 6 months at Red Star Association and got trained there but after 6 months he had an argument with one of the hosts and then he changed his team to Partizan. He was a young, emerging, wonderful player, he was selected by the National Yugoslavia team after some time. He won two national championships n the 50 matches he played. He was a goalkeeper in the team. During a match he was hit by a player and his leg got injured, It is the most common injury among footballers. He had to rest for a year before entering the ground again. After one year when he started playing again, he met a severe injury and his professional football career got over. He was replaced by another goalkeeper. He did not have many sports options but the next generation was taught by him after a time. He understood that he could not play anymore so he should share his gift with other players. He started training younger kids and many of the students under him went to play on the national team.

Milutin death reasons and conspiracy theories:

Milutin Soskic died on august 27, 2002 and the reason for his death is not clear. there are many conspiracy theories doing rounds but they are all fake. Stay away from fake news. any news that cannot be verified should be seen with doubt. There are almost no sources that verify the news. You should learn to verify news yourself so you cannot be made fool out of it. Learn to verify news from many sources available on the internet and become an informed audience.

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