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How did Sir toby Curtis pass away? Education legend is no more, know the reasons for his death

How did Sir toby Curtis pass away?

How did Sir toby Curtis pass away? Education legend is no more, know the reasons for his death

“Toby” Curtis was a vital education leader in New Zealand. He was 82 years of age when he died. Let’s dig in about the reasons for the death and how Sir Toby Curtis died.

Who was Sir Toby Curtis?

 Sir Toby Curtis was a Mori education activist. He worked all his life for the Mori people. He was 83 years old when he passed away.

Sir Toby Curtis was an educator, a strong hand of Te Reo Mori. He also founded the Te Arava lakes trust. He was one of the main reasons the broadcasting efforts for Mori were born. The Kaumatua of Ngti Pikiao and Ngti Rongomai passed away on Wednesday morning. He took his last breath at Lake Rotoiti Home.

Sir Toby was an honored man and leader who worked for his Te Arawa lake trust since he was 82 but due to his health issues, he stopped working at the age of 82. He said he has achieved most of the things he wanted to achieve in his life.

Piki Thomas Who is one of the team members who are working to give a farewell to Sir Toby said they are putting all their effort to give Sir Toby the Tangihanga he deserves. Our team has tried to correspond with the family of Sir toby but it seems they are really busy mourning the death of the legend.

Education and childhood of Sir Toby?

Curtis took Birth in Rotoehu on November 13, 1939. He was from the Mori tribe. He was a part of the Te Arawa confederation’s Ngti Pikiao and Ngti Rongoma. He was interested in education and he went on to study at Rotorua’s St Michael’s College and Auckland’s St Peter’s Maori College. There he found Mary Agnes Sharry in 1966. the couple produced 4 children.

Toby Curtis took a diploma in teaching and he went on to become a Mori education rights advocate. it is clear that he was passionate about education and its impact of it on the lives of the people of the Mori tribe. He started his journey with differently-abled kids where he taught them.

In 2012, Toby was named chair of the Ng Kura—Iwi o Aotearoa Iwi Education Authority. He has also served on the Te Wananga o Aotearoa council.

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