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How did Tim Cobb Pass Away? What was the cause?

Tim Cobb
Source: Alchetron

Loretta Lynn’s longtime wardrobe designer Tim Cobb is no more. Let’s examine the specifics of Tim Cobb’s passing away and why he passing away.

How did Tim Cobb pass away?

Lynn’s former personal assistant and outfit designer, Tim Cobb, has passed away. The official Twitter account for country music legend Loretta Lynn broke the sad news to her many millions of followers. The official statement on Tim Cobb’s passing says, “The passing away of Loretta’s longtime aide and good friend Tim Cobb has been met with great sadness by the Lynn family. As of 1982, Tim had been Loretta’s helper for a whole three decades. She adored him, and we reciprocated that feeling. Our family will never be the same without Tim.

Who was Tim Cobb?

Loretta Lynn’s personal designer, Tim Cobb, is responsible for creating the singer’s signature floor-sweeping dresses for concerts and other special events. The Coal Miner’s Daughter Museum, located on her house and ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, features several of her costumes and other personal items. The outfit she wore in 2010 to celebrate her 50th anniversary at the Grand Ole Opry was one of Tim’s most recognizable creations. The first is a golden garment embellished with glass beads, while the second is a pale blue outfit from her Van Lear Rose album cover (2004).

Cobb previously revealed in an interview that Lynn’s inspiration, Patsy Cline, urged her to start sporting long dresses. Lynn’s closest companion was named Tim. He did her makeup and hair, was in charge of Loretta’s museum, and was her costume designer. After all these years, Tim is still “my best buddy,” as Lynn put it. For all intents and purposes, he is my personal assistant. Cobb’s early years were spent at Lake City, Arkansas. As his sister started competing in beauty pageants, he learned firsthand how expensive the elaborate costumes worn by contestants were. At age 17, he designed, sewed, and sold his first outfit. As soon as he could, he moved to California to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

How did Tim Cobb Pass Away? What was the cause?

Source: Alchetron

Professional life for Tim Cobb:

Tim Cobb relocated to Music City, USA, where he began cold-calling the management companies of country music stars to pitch his one-of-a-kind works. In a 2017 interview with Country Stars Central, Cobb recalled that he had designed two outfits with Loretta Lynn in mind. Then, he located her management team using the CMA’s online directory.

Lynn’s office manager saw the clothes Cobb brought to work and fell in love with them; she arranged for Cobb to give the outfits to Lynn in person. Cobb stated, “I came back and was shocked to see the Loretta Lynn in the form of this young barefooted child with long wavy hair. She tried on both dresses and immediately purchased them since she loved them and they fit her flawlessly. Cobb wasted little time in designing more garments for Loretta Lynn’s Big Apple Country TV program.

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