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How did Tohru Okada die? What was Tohru Okada Cause Of Death?

Tohru Okada
Source: Gamenews24

According to a number of Japanese-language media, the musician and music producer Tohru Okada from Japan passed away due to heart failure at the age of 73. Okada is perhaps most recognised in the video game industry for his work on various advertisements, most notably those for the PlayStation brand. Because it has been used in so many PlayStation advertisements, you have probably already been familiar with his most famous piece of art, which is a fairly brief one. Not only did he compose and produce the music that played during several highly odd and memorable Crash Bandicoot advertisements in the ’90s, as shown in the video below, but he also created the iconic sound that accompanies the appearance of the PlayStation logo. You can hear this sound when you click on the image below.

It is a sound that has endured for more than 25 years as an indelible component of the brand, and it has proven that it can withstand the test of time. You probably aren’t even aware that it plays nearly every time the PlayStation logo appears because it is so intimately connected with the PlayStation brand name.

Tohru Okada died aged 73 at the stage of the iconic sound of the PlayStation logo - Game News 24

Source: Gamenews24

Nevertheless, this is not the end of the ties to gaming. Okada is perhaps best known in his native country for his role as a founding member of the Japanese rock band Moonriders, who would go on to become an extremely influential group throughout the course of their career. Keiichi Suzuki, another member of Okada’s band, was responsible for composing the music for the Mother series of video games, which includes the cult classic EarthBound and the doomed prequel Mother (also referred to as Earthbound Beginnings in the English version), the latter of which was not released in the West until 2003.

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