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How Did Toru Watanabe Pass Away? Cause Of Death Of The Japanese Actor

Toru Watanabe
Image credit- Charactour

Toru Watanabe, a 61-year-old Japanese actor, passed away on Monday. He made several well-liked TV comedies and dramas. Let’s examine his circumstances and Toru Watanabe’s cause of death in more detail.

How Did Toru Watanabe Died?

The Japanese actor Toru Watanabe, 61, passed away from septicemia on November 28. His death was confirmed on December 2 by the Bungakuza theatre company, to which he belonged.

In 1981’s Taiyo ni Hoero! (roar at the sun), Watanabe, an Ibaraki Prefecture native, made his television debut as a new investigator while still a student actor at a Bungakuza-affiliated workshop.

Thanks to his appealing appearance, he quickly became famous and became a pop idol. His song “Yakusoku (promise)” gained popularity in 1982 as it was used as the backdrop for a television commercial for a chocolate dessert.

Death Of Toru Watanabe

Due to his positive outlook, he has made appearances on TV variety shows. Ikue Sakakibara, 63, and Watanabe, a long-time celebrity couple, were well-known. Despite occasionally falling unwell in recent years, including as when he was identified with ischemic heart disease in 2012, Watanabe performed in a theatre in October.

Image credit- charactour

Toru Watanabe reportedly started experiencing symptoms like a fever and stomach ache on November 20.

He was diagnosed with bacterial gastroenteritis after being examined at the hospital, but died later from sepsis.

His funeral, which will be attended by his immediate family, will be hosted by his eldest son, actor Yuta. A different memorial service will also be held.

Toru Watanabe rose to fame as a rookie detective in the classic crime drama “Roaring to the Sun” in 1981. He later appeared in a number of Dahe historical dramas, such as “Kasuga Bureau,” “Hideyoshi,” “Tokugawa Yoshiki,” and others that were popular during the period of costume drama and mystery theatre, such as “Hideyoshi” and “Kasuga Bureau.” It is unfortunate that he was diagnosed with acute diabetes at the age of 30, possibly as a result of his alleged dietary influences. He frequently loses weight quickly before gaining it back. He has been struggling with the disease.

Toru Watanabe Net Worth

He had a net Worth of $1.7 Million.

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