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How did Tytyana Miller, daughter of Master P and Sonya C Miller, die?

How did Tytyana Miller, daughter of Master P and Sonya C Miller, die

The daughter of famous American rappers Master P Miller and Sonya Miller passed away recently; read the below article to know more about Sonya Miller and Tytyana Miller’s death. 

The daughter of Master P died due to substance abuse. Her name was Tytyana Miller. Master P made a heart-touching tweet mentioning his daughter’s death. He also mentioned substance abuse and mental illness in his tweet. Tytyana’s older brother, Romeo, too, shared a heart pouring post on his Instagram. Her father, Master P, was the one who announced her death through social media. 

This announcement was made on 29th May 2022. Tytyana was 29-year-old at the time of her death. Her mother, Sonya C Miller, Is a well-known personality in the music industry. She was the former wife of rapper Master P. Apart from Romeo and Tytyana; they had 5 more children. According to the information shared by her family, the reason for her death seems to be substance abuse and depression. But the real reason for Tytyana’s death has not been specified. Master P had 9 children, out of which 7 were from Tytyana Miller. 

Who is Sonya C Miller?

Sonya C. Miller is a well-known female rapper, partner of Master P, and mother of 7 children. One of her albums named, Married Mob went viral. She was born in New Orleans, the USA, in 1970. Currently, Sonya is 51 years old. She made her debut in the music industry through a group named TRU. Sonay’s net worth is around $1 million on today’s date. 

How did Tytyana Miller, daughter of Master P and Sonya C Miller, die

She has up to 6k followers on Instagram, and her songs are still old by many. She got married to Master P in 1989, and they ended the marriage in 2014. Sonya perceived Theatre arts, journalism, and photojournalism after her divorce. She blamed Miller’s drug and alcohol addiction for leaving him.

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