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How Maya Mia Passed Away? Cause Of Death For Ommy Dimpoz & Idris Sultan’s Ex-girlfriend Explained

Maya Mia
Image credit- Daily Nation Pakistan

Two Tanzanian superstars, Idris Sultan and Ommy Dimpoz, are mourning the passing of a woman they both dated. Ommy Dimpoz wrote a message about his heartbreaking grieving of his ex-girlfriend and put it on his official Instagram profile.

According to a statement, Glorious FM posted on their official Facebook page about Maya Mia’s passing: Ommy Dimpoz, a Tanzanian bongo musician, laments the passing of his ex-girlfriend and makeup artist Maya Mia.

In 2020, Ommy Dimpoz dated the makeup artist who was born in Macedonia. Idris Sultan, an actor from Tanzania, and she were dating in 2018. Idris paid tribute to Maya with a video that read:

We will undoubtedly return to Allah, to Whom we belong. Maya’s death’s circumstances are still a mystery. It has been reported that she killed herself. Let her soul rest in peace.

Maya Mia Cause Of Death

Maya Mia, the girlfriend of well-known cosmetics artist and bongo phenomenon Ommy Dimpoz, has died. Since 2020, Ommy Dimpoz and the gorgeous makeup artist have been dating.

On social media, Dimpoz posted numerous images of himself and Mia along with the caption, “Rest in peace, my sweetheart.”

Relationships Of Mia

An additional tribute to Mia has been posted on the social media accounts of Tanzanian comedian Idris Sultan, who dated her. Although there is no documented cause of Maya Mia’s death, early indications suggest that she may have committed suicide. May her friends and family find solace and serenity in this difficult hour.

Idris Sultan, a comedian, posted pictures of himself and Maya Mia on Instagram, expressing their continued love for one another and wishing her a peaceful passing.

Maya Mia: Who Is She?

Image Credit- Republika English

Maya is a makeup and beauty YouTube sensation who publishes her videos on the 007MayaMia channel. On November 18, 2012, she launched her first video to her YouTube account, titled “Secret to Long Beautiful Hair,” which she had established in October 2012.

Her YouTube channel has more than a million subscribers. She is also popular, with more than 1.2 million Instagram followers. She was born in Ohrid, Macedonia. Famous individuals like Kylie Jenner, Lorde, and Lana Del Rey have served as inspiration for her makeup tutorials.

Maya Mia Net Worth

On August 11, 1983, in Macedonia, Maya Mia, a well-known YouTube star, was born. Maya Mia’s net worth is $5 Million as of December 2022. She has more than a million subscribers to her YouTube account. With more than 1.3 million followers, she enjoys popularity on Instagram.


1. Who is Maya Mia?
A. She was a YouTube influencer and a popular makeup artist.

2. Who was Maya Mia ?
A. She was an Actor and a French Motorsports Racing Driver

3. When did Maya Mia was born?
A. She was born on August 11, 1983.

4. How old was Maya Mia?
A. 40 years old.

5. What was her height?
A. 1.66 m

6. What was her Nationality?
A. Macedonia

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