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How was Deborah Samuel killed?

How was Deborah Samuel killed?

Once again, this is very bad and disgusting news and tear shedding updated news appearing in front of the community of social media from Shehu Shagari College of Education, which left practically innumerable in deep astonishment as everything was dreadful enough. 

On the 12th of May 2022 means on Thursday, something monstrous arose at the study campus where several angry students were killed off and also burned their teammate, damaging the whole face of Deborah Samuel so that none would become aware of his identification. So for all of these activities, the exclusive footage was captured by the surveillance camera, the so-called CCTV camera, which was placed near their surroundings.

About the death of Deborah Samuel:

As per the exclusionary information, soon, the news began spreading over the study campus. The professors familiarize themselves with the news; they established the management team apprised of this occurrence. 

 Deborah Samuel

Deborah Samuel

Consequently, without any agitation, they made a call to the troubled jurisdiction so that they could come and start their investigation of the entire case. Consequently, later they were admitted to the department of Deborah Samuel. And also made aware of Deborah Samuel’s family while she dispatched the dead body of Deborah Samuel. So that the family of Deborah Samuel organizes the funeral ceremony on time. 

What was the reason behind the death of Deborah Samuel?

According to the sources of information, the real footage of this occurrence is getting viral over the entire internet and on social media sites such as wildfire while generating rapid rounds. Instantly everybody is streaming the video. Their massive reactions are coming to the anterior as everyone censured their activities while soliciting the troubled authority for protecting them with life imprisonment as there is no right for anyone to kill off any person in the case of losing their temper due to their anger. 

Even the guardians and relatives of the children felt ashamed due to their offspring’s activities. Their guardians acquired the suspension certificate from the study campus, and the children will spend the rest of their lives in bars. 

Further sources of information believe that the top investors of Nigeria have updated the suspension of 2 students and are looking forward to the detention of another one. Due to the instant investigation, the faces of the defaulter are upcoming. 

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