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Howdy Bagel Founder Jacob Carter Cause of Death: What Happened to Jacob Carter?

Howdy Bagel Founder Jacob Carter Cause of Death

According to the latest news and reports, it has been learned that Howdy Bagel co-founder Jacob Carter has died. His family and his husband Daniel Blagovich are very sad due to his death. The cause of Jacob Carter’s death is being searched on social media and Google. We have given all the news related to the death of Jacob Carter in this article.

Who was Jacob Carter? What Happened to Jacob Carter ?

Jacob Carter was the co-founder of Howdy Bagel. He founded Howdy Bagel in 2020 amid the Covid pandemic. Jacob Carter and Daniel Blagowich together started home delivery of Howdy Bagels amid the Covid pandemic to the delight of their community. The bagels made by him had a homely taste which people liked very much. Gradually he developed the name Howdy Bagel in Tacoma, Washington. But recently everyone is very sad to hear the news of Jacob Carter’s death.

Howdy Bagel Founder Jacob Carter Cause of Death

Howdy Bagel Founder Jacob Carter Cause of Death and Obituary

Recently it is being told that both Jacob Carter and Daniel Blagovich were vacationing in New Orleans, during which Jacob Carter was murdered on January 5, 2024. There is no disclosure yet about his death. Police is investigating it thoroughly. Soon all the news related to Jacob Carter’s death will be told by the police.

After this tragic incident, Stevie Hamill and Scout McLaughlin have initiated a fundraising plan. Their GoFundMe page has received over $59,000 in donations. He said that this money collected will be used to pay the rent of the shop and the salaries of the employees. He said through the GoFundme page that

“We would like you to consider donating to help cover some of the shop’s costs and staff salaries during this difficult season. Link is in bio. The shop will be temporarily closed as we all cope during this sad time. Daniel and Jacob have been constantly overwhelmed and grateful for the way this community has rallied together to support Howdy Bagel. We know that in this difficult season, you all love And will continue to support,”

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