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Hurricane G dead, a 90s rapper, dies at 52; cause of death disclosed

Hurricane G Die

Hurricane G, a 90s-era American rapper who achieved stardom, passed away earlier today. Continue reading to learn how Hurricane G, also known as Gloria Rodriguez, died, what happened to her, and what caused her death.

The former member of the Def Squad enjoyed a distinguished 25-year career. Prior to her dying this past weekend, she had been having health problems recently. While paying respect, supporters are referring to it as a “sad day for hip-hop.”

Who was Hurricane G?

Hurricane G, a well-known American rapper of Puerto Rican heritage, was born Gloria Rodrguez in Brooklyn, New York City, in 1970. Her appearance on Redman’s 1992 smash song “Tonight’s da Night” helped her gain notoriety in the middle of the 1990s.

She then collaborated with Xzibit on the song “At the Speed of Life” and added another Redman song, “Dare Iz a Darkside,” as a follow-up. The 1997 release of her first album, “All Woman,” was an enormous hit.

On the Hot Rap Singles list in 1997, her song “Somebody Else” peaked at number 10, while on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart, it peaked at number 54. Throughout his almost 25-year career, Hurricane G kept on singing and rapping in both English and Spanish.

How did Hurricane G Die?

The cause of fatality related to Hurricane G is unknown or not known, as was previously noted. Upon hearing this news, her supporters are alarmed. The deceased family is receiving condolence messages from a number of celebrities.

At the age of 52, Hurricane G died. The suddenness of her death was not something anyone anticipated. However, everything is in the hands of God.

To learn more quickly about the American rapper Hurricane G, see the biography linked below.

What was the cause of her death?

On Sunday, November 6, 2022, Hurricane G passed away surrounded by her loved ones. Her death was confirmed immediately after the initial report. Hurricane G died, but no specific cause of death was identified.

The revolutionary rapper’s daughter, Lexus, revealed that her mother had lung cancer after the revolutionary rapper passed away. She wrote, “Stage 4 lung cancer in my mother.

“I don’t know how many of you get what that means, but even after thirty years of living, I’m still processing it myself. I’ve never sobbed so much in my life, and I’ve never felt more removed from reality.

Hurricane G Obituary

People who heard about the tragedy conducted extensive online searches for the death and the hurricane G obituary. People are curious as to Hurricane G’s cause of death after learning about his demise. Many people recently surfed the passing of Hurricane G. Online news frequently misleads readers by reporting on healthy people as if they were deceased. The information provided about Hurricane G, however, is accurate, and we discovered a few discussions on Twitter that contained a wealth of details about the storm’s obituary.

Hurricane G Career

To become well-liked in their job, many people would have had to put in a lot of effort. Hard work and an optimistic mindset are required for everything.

Similarly, Hurricane G might have faced numerous challenges throughout her career. Some people will also be remembered long after they are gone; Hurricane G is one of those persons.

Hurricane G Networth

At the time of her passing, American rapper Hurricane G was 52 years old. Wikitrusted assessed Hurricane G’s net worth to be between $1 million and $5 million. November 6, 2022, saw her passing. Keep checking back to our page for plenty more updates.


1. How did Hurricane G Die?

Ans. Hurricane G cause of death is unclear/not revealed.

2. At what age did Hurricane G Die?

Ans. Hurricane G passed away at the age of 52 years.

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