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Ica Dan Indra Rafanda Viral Video

Ica Dan Indra Rafanda Viral Video
Ica Dan Indra Rafanda Viral Video

Recently the internet has had a big place in our lives. We don’t even realize that we consume so much from the internet. Some things impress us, and some things make us feel shocked. Recently a video is going online that a 14-year-old girl has died due to a heavy drug use dosage.

The viral video:

Recently, a girl and her boyfriend and some friends were going through internet video. While doing that, they came across a video where people were consuming drugs. The boy forces his girlfriend to consume drugs, and, in that process, she takes a heavy dose of drugs and dies. A video about the death of an SMK student in Cianjur due to an overdose recently became popular on social media platforms.

Everybody is shocked about how these kids’ got drugs and how it is possible if they had drugs which means that other kids also had some connection with drugs.

The girl’s boyfriend, Indra, expressed his condolence towards this through a Facebook post. He said that “You have a good heart. Beautiful. But tragically, you have abandoned me, Soleh. For the first time, I apologize if I can’t be proud of you; you’re a nice person. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, and I hope you find peace. Icaa is stunning, and I’m stunning as well. ” further, he said that the investigation is going on, and many names will come in front of the case. He also requested not to make any speculations about it.

When we see such things on the internet, we realize how consuming so much of these things can also be very dangerous to us. Parents should also see what their kids are doing on the internet as it can be a bad influence also. Sadly, a 14-year-old Indonesian girl lost her life like that.

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