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Icon Park Free Fall Death – Shut down since April 24

Icon Park Free Fall Death Shut down since April 24

Tyre Sampson, 14, died more than two weeks ago when he fell out of his seat at Ikon Park’s Free Fall attraction. He filmed the whole trip, including what happened before it took off, throughout the descent, and shortly afterwards. Ivan said that because his gaze was fixated on his buddies, he was unaware that Tyre Sampson had fallen at that very time. The state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services issued an order closing the Free Fall ride on March 25, the day after the incident at ICON Park in Orlando, made public on Monday.

Shut down since April 24:

As Sampson’s loved ones lay him to rest in St. Louis, they claimed they never expected his life would end quickly and tragically in front of a multitude at Icon Park. The Free Fall has been closed since April 24, with some demanding for the drop ride’s owner, Slingshot Group, to deconstruct it. “He should never have gone past the ride’s gate.

Because there should have been some sort of warning there to deter him, “Ken Martin, a ride safety analyst, and consultant, expressed his thoughts. Martin examined the Free Fall’s operating handbook and believes the 287-pound weight limit should have caused employees to query Sampson, whose family claims he weighed at least 330 pounds.

Icon Park Free Fall Death Shut down since April 24

Report by WESH regarding safety:

“On most rides, you have a harness that pushes you down. “However, you also have the secondary seatbelt,” he explained. “That isn’t present in this. And not having it, especially because it’s a new ride, is troubling.” Riding personnel inquire about the boy’s harness roughly 30 seconds after Tyre falls. One employee inquires of her coworkers, “Did you check him?” The other workers tell her that they checked his harness and turned on the light. Each seat, according to Ivan, has a light that displays if the harness is in place. 

Ivan expressed his condolences to the family. WESH has no maximum rider weight limit on Free Fall’s placards, merely a maximum height. According to lawyer Benjamin Crump, Tyre’s family regards his death as “preventable,” who visited the ride Monday. “I believe this is the saddest tragedy documented on camera that I have ever seen,” Crump stated, referring to George Floyd’s heartbreaking torture tape.

Florida officials acknowledged Friday that there is no direct federal or state regulation of what thrill-ride manufacturers put in their manuals prescribing safety precautions, as focus turns to the restraint system used to keep riders harnessed into the Free Fall.

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