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Iconic Gold Coast Radio, Bianca Dye broke up with Justin Morgan?

Iconic Gold Coast Radio, Bianca Dye broke up with Justin Morgan?

Bianca dye is a popular radio jockey and a journalist who has been rumored to be broken up with Justin morgan. both of them were dating each other for a long.

Are Bianca dye and Justin Morgan dating each other?

it is confirmed that Bianca is not interested in Justin anymore, she is currently in a relationship with another man, Jay Sandtner is a businessman who is in love with Bianca. Bianca and Justin did not meet when Bianca went to cover a match in which Justin was present.

Justin was a former player and assistant coach for the New Zealand Warriors. they dated for some months after 5 months they parted their ways.

They met in a supermarket where they discussed a weird date exchange idea.

Bianca dye career and growth:

Bianca is a very popular journalist and radio jockey who has served as the Australian ambassador for the famous Pirelli Calendar launch in 2003.

Bianca is very active in the charity scene. she has planned and attended many charity events for RSPCS. the national breast cancer foundation and the make a wish foundation. Bianca has worked in the forecast department for channel 10 and she was also part of the beauty and beast panel in the same newsroom.

Iconic Gold Coast Radio, Bianca Dye broke up with Justin Morgan?

she currently enjoys working as a music and entertainment reporter for Mornings with Kerri-Anne Kenner

Bianca’s education and career:

 she is well read person who tried many things and soon she will be pursuing a better career.

Social media reach:

She has over 20k Instagram followers and she shares her personal life. there are over 6k Twitter followers.

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