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Iga Swiatek responds “disappointing” to Amelie Mauresmo’s comment that women’s tennis is less appealing than men’s tennis.

Iga Swiatek

Amélie Mauresmo, the director of the French Open, has apologized for claiming that women's tennis had less attraction than men's tennis. The Roland Garros tournament director made the remarks when explaining why just one of the ten-night sessions matches at this year's competition included women.

A statement made by Amelie Mauresmo:

"In this period that we are in right now – and as a woman, a former woman's player, I don't feel horrible or unfair stating that – you have more attraction, appeal (in) general, for the men's matches," Mauresmo, a former Wimbledon winner, said. " Honestly, my aim while I was making the schedule every day was to see whatever women's match, I could place there from the first round when the draw came out." I could place the conflict or the star there.

Iga Swiatek responds

You've got all of those options." Iga Swiatek, the world number one, has responded to the comments, calling them " disappointing and shocking." "It's a little upsetting and unexpected since she was also in the WTA," she continued. " From my perspective, it is more comfortable for every player to play at a normal hour, but I do want to entertain and display my best tennis in every match.

So, I believe it is a matter of personal preference whether a person prefers men's or women's tennis, or if they enjoy both equally. Some may argue that it's unpredictably unpredictable and that girls are inconsistent. However, it might also be something that is quite desirable and attracts a large number of individuals. As a result, it is subject to the personal opinions of certain individuals," said, Amelie.

How did Amelie Mauresmo apologize to the people?

First and foremost, the statements that I made were taken out of the larger picture, out of the context," Mauresmo told the Tennis Channel on Thursday. And I'd want to apologize to the players who were hurt by what I said.

Again, I believe that those who know me, who have known me on and off the court throughout my career, throughout everything I've did, know that I'm a strong advocate for women's tennis and women in general." Men's bouts were given preference in the showpiece night session, according to Mauresmo, since women's matches are shorter, leaving punters feeling shortchanged.

"In terms of scheduling, particularly for the night matches, my opinion is that because we only have one match, it's much more difficult to organize a woman 's match because we have to consider the length," she continued. It seems like a reasonable thing to do for the ticket holders.

Next year, in order to be fairer to women players – and, in fact, to all categories – it would be excellent to have the option of putting on two matches, or even a woman 's match plus a doubles match, to try to find a better solution to be fair to everyone."

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