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Who Are the Stars of ‘Impractical Jokers’ Dating?

Impractical Jokers' Dating

Regardless of whether you love them or disdain them, the stars of Impractical Jokers are digging in for the long haul. They have been around since the show’s introduction in 2011 and have just gotten greater on schedule, with their own personal film set to hit select venues on Feb. 21.

We could continue endlessly about their vocation features and achievements, yet what might be said about their own lives? Like, would they say they are dating anybody? What’s more, provided that this is true, who?

He’s been hitched to his significant other, Bessy Gatto, starting around 2013. Joe, 43, is the main hitched Joker.

Joe and Bessy secured the bunch in a sweet open-air service following a years-in length relationship. They invited their first youngster, little girl Milana, in 2015 and had a child, Joseph, after two years.

According to her Instagram page, Bessy seems to invest a lot of her energy with her youngsters. At the point when she’s not, she jumps at the chance to travel and play with her family’s many canines.

It’s muddled assuming she works, however a few reports say she deals with her significant other’s online media accounts. Hello, you know what they say – a couple who cooperates, remains together.

Sal Vulcano appears to be single

In contrast with different Jokers, Sal’s relationship history is much murkier. It appears to be that he’s never dated anybody during his experience on the show, and there’s extremely restricted data web based in regards to his latest relationship.

Watchers got to see Sal, 43, have a “night out on the town” in a 2019 Impractical Jokers cut, however every conceivable thing that could turn out badly did.

Yet, taking into account that fans are continually playing with him on the show, perhaps he’ll have better karma in the adoration office down the line.

Brian ‘Q’ Quinn has a muddled relationship history

Q, 43, is likewise broadly single. However he’s been connected to a few group before, he has never formally come out and opened up to the world about anybody during his experience on Impractical Jokers.

As indicated by Looper, however, Q once admitted on the series that his first sweetheart is connected with A-rundown VIP and that she spent time in jail in jail. Web detectives guarantee that the secret lady is King of Queens star Leah Remini’s stepsister Elizabeth, who was captured in 2005 on drug charges, yet Q still can’t seem to address the talk.

His latest relationship was with a left lady him for a cop. Q has said on the show that the two were locked in when it occurred seemed like he actually hadn’t dealt with it.

The bombed sentiment has turned into a running joke on the show, with for all intents and purposes each of the Jokers making fun of his life partner taking off and abandoning him with a lot of felines.

James ‘Murr’ Murray has tracked down his individual

As of composing, Murr, 43, is locked in to his accomplice Melyssa Davies. Not much is been aware of her, yet People detailed in September 2019 that she had as of late moved on from nursing school.

They met by chance in June 2018 when Davies went to a press occasion for Murr’s clever Awakened and were in a split second drawn to one another. A little more than a year after the fact, in August 2019, Murr asked about tying the knot at the New Jersey home he had as of late bought with Davies.

“I set up a picnic and champagne and a Scrabble board. I took her there to sign ‘documents’ [about the house] — there were no documents to sign,” Murray explained to People. “And thank God she said yes”

Davies was excited, conceding that she had needed to wed Murr “for some time now.” She added: “I am so myself around him. It’s astounding.”


It’ll be the second marriage for Murr, who was recently hitched to Sal’s sister, Jenna Vulcano. He got hitched in 2014 as a discipline for Impractical Jokers yet had the marriage dissolved the next day.

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