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In a tough encounter, a Ugandan man murdered a lion with his “bare hands”

In a tough encounter, a Ugandan man murdered a lion with his "bare hands"
In a tough encounter, a Ugandan man murdered a lion with his "bare hands"

In Uganda, some stunning photographs have surfaced of a guy allegedly killing a lion using his bare fists in a gory grappling fight that left him with wounds all over his body. It is alleged that a guy slew a lion by his own fists and then gutted and prepared it for a meal. Locals believe that shocking images depict the wreckage of a deadly wrestling battle between such a man and a lion in Uganda after the giant creature broke into his house. The lion murderer’s identity has not been revealed, but he has been photographed shirtless and with blood pouring through his numerous bandages. His wounds have not been disclosed, but the horrific photo reveals a dislocated eye patch and scrapes all over his body, which will most likely remain for the rest of his life.

“A man from CMS lganga area eastern Uganda is nursing wounds after battling and killing a lion he met near his home,” Twitter user Ricky Kagino posted on Friday. The precise source of the horrifying fight has been debated online, with some accounts claiming it took place in Mpefu Kagadi.  Tewsige Judith, a fellow social networking sites member, replied to Ricky’s post with more photographs, including one of the skinned lions. “My love, it was in the Mpefu Kagadi area, and we ate it,” she explained. 

People have disputed whether the guy was justified in killing the lion because there is little further information about what transpired. “I feel it’s fair, lions devour humans… why don’t humans return the favour?” one individual said. Plus, I’m rather certain the man would not attack the lion first, thus he killed her lion in self-defense. You’re being hypocrite by claiming he did anything wrong. You’d do the same if you were in his shoes.” Another person retorted  “Fighting a lion may appear daring, but it’s really dangerous, and killing one shouldn’t be promoted because we humans should be defending nature. Many species are on the verge of extinction, thus each stray animal caught alive and restored to the jungle should be captured and reported to the authorities.”

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