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Indiana Teen Emily Barger who went Missing Found 200 miles away from Home

Emily Barger

The 14-year-old Emily Barger who was last seen on Monday and was thought of being in grave danger is now found safe. The man who took her away is now arrested by the Police Officials. Emily Barger was found residing in a shade behind a residence in Attica which is 200 miles and somewhere 3-hour long drive away from Georgetown, Indiana.

Emily Barger

Source:- Facebook

On 8 March 2023, Emily Barger was found by the Florida Country Sheriff after she went missing on Monday ( 6 March 2023). On Monday she was last seen in Georgetown, Indiana nearly around 1 a.m. midnight at her parent’s place.

A missing notice along with a Silver Alert was issued by the authorities. The missing notice claimed Emily Barger as a 14-year-old teenager with a height of around 5 ft. and weighing around 85 lbs. Barger has blonde hair and blue eyes.

In an interview, Emily Barger’s father Shawn Barger said that the first time he noticed his daughter missing is when he didn’t find her in her bed and the windows were cracked. He added that he was scared to death. Shawn added that he first believed that Emily has eloped on her own but later on he was certain that Emily may have been coerced or influenced to run away from home.

Emily’s Father was constantly posting on Facebook for the revival of his daughter. Shawn posted on Wednesday that “if you can see this in any way please come home you are in no trouble and I love and miss you very much.”

He further added that “You have tons of family and friends out looking for you and wanting to get you home please go to a gas station anywhere and tell them you need to get home call the police or me or anyone just please get home I love you,”.

Terry Ross Jr.

Source:- Florida Country Sheriff Department

The Florida Country Sheriff Steve Bush who was assigned in this case found a link to the 18-year-old teenager named Terry Ross Jr. who is the potential suspect in the missing Emily Barger. Emily was last seen with Terry in Attica, Indiana which is 3 hours away from Georgetown.

Emily was found by a tip received by the Florida Police Department that the girl was “staying in a shed behind a residence in Attica”. The Florida Police confirmed the same in the press release. Soon after receiving the tip, Police caught the delinquent Terry Ross Jr. while he was walking across the town of Attica.

Emily Barger

Source:- Facebook

The Florida Police confirmed that the girl is safe and is now in the custody of her parents and the department is working on the framing of the potential charges against Terry Ross Jr. The Silver Alert has been cancelled.

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