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Is Austin Retterrath dead or alive?

Is Austin Retterrath dead or alive?

Who is Austin Retterrath and how did he go missing?

Austin Retterrath, a student at the University of Minnesota, has gone missing. His friends claimed that they had not seen him for a long time. Once the complaint has been filed, the complaint is now being processed. Austin Retterrath, 19, graduate of the University of Minnesota. He is a member of the Faculty of Science and Technology. On Sunday he disappeared. He was last seen, according to his pals, on East River Road and Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis. After that, nothing more was heard from him.

The National Criminal Police Service was alerted and immediately began searching for the young man. The agency stated, “He was last seen wearing a blue T-shirt, dark shorts, and white shoes.” “The University of Minnesota Police Department is looking for him right now and is concerned about his safety.” The State Crime Arrest Service asked the Sheriff’s Office and the BCA to assist the campus police in their pursuit of Austin.

Looking out for Austin Retterrath

His family, on the other hand, has no idea what happened or where their child is. “I’m not aware of organized civilian searches, but law enforcement is actively looking for him right now.” “I don’t know all the facts, but it is my understanding that the searches cover the area around/in the river,” a university administration official said in a statement. Many organizations began looking for him in Minneapolis, near the Mississippi River, on Monday. Some witnesses claimed to have seen him by the river early Sunday morning.

Austin Retterrath

Austin Ray Retterrath likes to spend his mornings on East River Road and Franklin Avenue E. It is possible that he visited this place. The National Criminal Investigation Service (BCA) issued a warning to swimmers advising them to watch their children underwater. The campus police are “looking for opportunities to coordinate with Hennepin County and the BCA, which continues today,” the government said. He further said: “They started searching in and around the river, not far from where this guy was last seen.

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